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Whether you're new to TV, or a seasoned advertiser, tap into our amazing 20+ years of specialising in TV commercials, as we take you from creative strategy and script writing all the way through to screen.

TV Commercial Production

Harness the Power of TV Advertising

TV advertising is the most powerful form of advertising, with by far the largest reach of all media.

It brings your brand story to life like no other channel, providing instant impact while building your brand awareness for years to come.

TV advertising is the single biggest source of web traffic, shown in a 2021 study to deliver 42% of all web visits.

Thinkbox, 'The TV playbook for online businesses'

TV advertising accounted for 84% of the video advertising we saw each day in 2022, and 56% for 16-34s

Thinkbox, April 2024

TV advertising makes other media work harder, boosting the performance of other campaign channels by up to 54%

Thinkbox, 'Demand Generation' 2022

Projects we’re proud of

We have tonnes of experience writing and producing TV commercials for household brands – these are just a few of our favourites.

StaySure - Putting the 'Sure' in travel insurance

Putting the 'Sure' in Travel Insurance

New brand-building TV commercial, delivered in just 6 weeks from pitch win to air date.

Crohn's & Colitis UK - No Excuses
Crohn's & Colitis UK

'No Excuses'

Cinema & VoD TV commercial, fully integrated into the existing always on 'Cut the Crap' BTL campaign.

Lyle & Scott - 'Dare To Be You'
Lyle & Scott

'Dare To Be You'

First TV commercial for 150 year old premium fashion brand Lyle & Scott, to tell the story of the brand today.

Video Production

Creative Strategies for TV Advertising

No matter whether you’re an established brand or a first-time advertiser, your TV commercial can be designed to:

  • launch your brand
  • generate immediate response
  • increase brand awareness
  • or even shift outdated brand perceptions.

TV advertising is hugely versatile, with a multitude of channels and formats to choose from.

We’ll work closely with you and your media agency to fully understand the needs of your business and your target audience, to develop the best ads for your media plan.

From rational daytime direct response TV advertising to more emotive brand advertising, not to mention TV Sponsorship, Cinema and VoD opportunities, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Happy Hour are a pleasure to work with and have a collaborative, professional approach. They’ve helped us to evolve our brand across our TV advertising channels by creating unique and memorable commercials. They’ve used their creativity and knowledge to help us to engage with pet owners and bring our brand to life."

Janfranco Caro – Head of Brand and Creative, Animal Friends Insurance

The Happy Hour team are friendly and professional from the briefing stage through to delivery, producing a polished final TV campaign that we are delighted with. The results speak for themselves in regard to how effective the campaign has been."

John Meaden, Marketing Director, Toolstation

Dick lovett
think money
responsive advertising and communications award winning video

Everything You Need to Develop Your TV Advertising Campaign

At Happy Hour we manage the whole process in-house, so we’ll be with you every step of the way, from strategy and script writing, all the way through to distributing your final approved TV commercial to stations and on to screen.

Step 1: Discovery and Creative Strategy

We’ll take time to understand your business and brand objectives, coupled with a deep understanding of your audience and competitors.

We then develop the creative strategy and single-minded proposition, distilling everything into a small but mighty creative brief.

The creative brief then inspires and guides the development of campaign ideas, striking the right balance between rational and emotional, to generate the response your brand needs.

You’ll also have your own dedicated producer throughout, who’ll support and involve you every step of the way.

Step 2: Creative Storytelling and Pre-production

The creative brief inspires broad, unabandoned creative thinking.

We’ll review all the creative territories we generate and select the best ones for initial scripting, storyboarding and multi-channel integration ideas.

Once the preferred route has been agreed with you, the script and storyboard are further refined and approved. We’ll also take care of Clearcast clearance for you.

For live action productions, pre-production also includes director selection, casting, location research and selection – as well as negotiating any celebrity involvement and soundtrack usage.

Step 3: Production and Campaign Integration

At Happy Hour we’re hugely versatile and experienced in a wide range of TV advertising production techniques, from Animation and Claymation to big set live action shoots.

As well as producing the TV commercial, we’ll also produce any additional campaign assets including scripting and recording audio ads and developing cut downs for digital and social marketing.

Live Action TV Commercial

At Happy Hour, we’ve produced everything from large scale commercial productions packed with visual fx and stunts (and a few hundred extras), to working in foreign locations, to filming with animals, all the way through to super small-scale shoots, and just about everything in between.

Underwater filming. Working with animals. Aerial drone shoots. Visual FX productions. Food shoots. You name it, we’ve probably done it.

We film using 4K, 6K or 8K cameras with cinematic lenses and also have our own in-house studio. So no matter whether your live action production is on location or in a studio, you know you’ll be in safe hands.

Video Production
Video Production

Animated TV Commercial

We don’t just do live action production. We love animation productions too.

We are a versatile and award-winning Animation Studio. Our animation team have won both BAFTA and EMMY awards, with some of our TV Commercial Directors and Producers previously at the multi Oscar winning Aardman Animations.

We produce using all the available techniques – 2D animation, 3D animation, hand drawn cell animation, stop frame & claymation - so whatever style you’re interested in, our animation team can help.

Stock Footage and Stills Production

If your budget doesn’t stretch to a new live action shoot and an animated route isn’t the right direction for your brand, we can use either your existing brand images and video, or source new stock images and video, to create a visually engaging TV commercial with a live action feel.

Step 4: Post-production and TV Advertising Clearance

responsive advertising and communications award winning video

Once we’ve shot your ad, the edit begins. Followed by full colour grading and sound design, including sound effects, voiceovers and music, to ensure your finished commercial is of cinematic proportions.

And no project is complete without our exceptional motion graphics and VFX sequences, to enhance your commercial.

At Happy Hour we produce feature films too, so you’ll receive the same high quality picture, sound design and Visual FX for your high end commercials as we would deliver for theatrically released films.

The final step is for us to secure final TV clearance from Clearcast, as well as CAA and BBFC approval if your Commercial is appearing in cinema too.

Step 5: Distribution & Results-Driven TV Advertising

We’ll supply playouts direct to stations and liaise with your media agency to ensure deadlines are clear and met.

We’ll continue to work closely with your media agency to track your KPIs and look for opportunities to optimise your campaign and maximise effectiveness.

From raising awareness and consideration levels across targeted audience segments, to measuring unique reach, frequency, share of voice (SOV), site traffic or app downloads, TV is highly measurable. It’s also proven to have a multiplier effect, uplifting the results across all other campaign channels.

Excellence in TV advertising, with Happy Hour

We're specialists in TV advertising and we’ve been growing our clients’ brands through TV advertising since 2003, from script writing all the way through to distribution.

Covering everything from animation to live action, creating both brand commercials and direct response TV campaigns, we’re currently ranked by Campaign magazine in the top 35 creative agencies in the UK, top 2 outside London.

And we deliver it all in-house, under our one big, happy roof in Bristol.

No matter what size your business, or what sector you’re in, our deep but broad experience and expertise in TV advertising, coupled with our highly collaborative way of working can take your brand to the next level.


Find out more about TV advertising, or get in touch if you have more questions.

How much does it cost to produce a TV commercial?

The cost to produce a TV commercial varies hugely, as the creative possibilities are limitless.

If you’re on a budget you could keep things very simple, with a single 30 second commercial starting from around £20k.

The bigger the budget, the more you’ll be able to achieve creatively – with big set, live action productions involving a famous face and well-known soundtrack easily costing £300k +.

To make your budget work harder, creating a suite of TV ads at the same time will always work out more cost effective – not to mention ensuring a truly cohesive campaign.

No matter what your budget, with the biggest reach of any other media, TV advertising is proven to be one of the most cost-effective ways of growing your brand.

What other costs are involved in TV advertising?

The costs to produce a TV ad is outlined above – and depending on the talent used in your ad, you may need to factor in ongoing usage costs too.

In addition to the cost of producing your TV commercial, you should also consider allowing budget for additional assets such as social cut downs, digital ads and digital out of home, to develop a fully integrated campaign across all touch points.

Your most significant cost will most likely be your media. At Happy Hour we’ll work closely with your media agency – or help you with your media buying needs if you don’t have a media agency already.

Which TV advertising agency is best?

When you’re looking for the best TV advertising agency to work with, we believe selecting one that has solid experience and expertise in creating as well as producing TV commercials will give you the best result, as they’ll know which creative ideas can be fully realised in production.

Arguably as equally important as expertise and experience is finding an agency partner that you feel a great connection with, one that ‘gets you’, where you can work honestly and collaboratively together.

Creating a TV advertising campaign is a significant investment – and will most likely be more successful if you’re making it with like-minded, passionate and capable people.

Get Your Brand On TV Today.

Whether you’re a seasoned advertiser looking for a fresh direction, or looking to get your brand on TV for the first time, get in touch today for free and friendly, independent advice on how we can help your business.

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What you get with Happy Hour
  • Creative agency and production company all-in-one
  • One of Campaign’s top UK creative agencies
  • Top quality TV advertising and video content
  • Highly experienced directors and producers
  • Creative versatility – live action and animation experts
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