Lyle & Scott’s First Ever TV Ad

Airing on national TV in the UK and the Netherlands from 22nd November, “Dare To Be You” is Lyle & Scott’s first television advert in their 147-year history.

Lyle & Scott briefed us to conceive and produce an advert that reflects their ethos and positioning as a premium brand with broad appeal to all genders, ethnicities, ages and backgrounds, and their philosophy that consumers should have the confidence to wear Lyle & Scott how they want to wear it.

The advert blends striking visual imagery and an energising soundtrack to pose a simple, yet fundamental question: “Who Decides?”

A modern brand with a diverse consumer base

The ad we created depicts a portrait of Lyle & Scott as they are today: a modern, iconic British fashion brand with a diverse consumer base, both in the UK and beyond.

Tom George, CEO of Happy Hour explains: “Lyle & Scott came to us with a brief to tell the story of what their brand stands for today: quality and inclusivity.

“Lyle & Scott celebrate standing out from the crowd, being extraordinary, being different, being authentic, being you. We took those values and wove them into a creative concept that mixes motion, light, music and hard-hitting narration to deliver an impactful message about the brand. The resulting advert is an homage to Lyle & Scott’s customers and their individual sense of style and identity.

“Everyone at Lyle & Scott and Happy Hour worked incredibly hard to deliver a campaign that will drive awareness and create differentiation for the brand. We couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Ben Gunn, Brand Director at Lyle & Scott reflects on the motivation behind the new TV campaign:

“With almost 150 years of heritage, it is fair to say that Lyle & Scott has built a diverse and increasingly global customer base, something that we are extremely proud of. The brand’s iconic and stand out moments in fashion, subculture music and sports mean that the Golden Eagle evokes a strong but often different memory depending on who you ask.

“We celebrate this, those differences and moments are what makes the brand interesting, we have never wanted to pigeon-hole ourselves or box ourselves in.

“The Dare To Be You campaign is the embodiment of what Lyle & Scott represents and as a modern, progressive brand we strive to create campaigns that challenge perceptions and have positive impacts on communities, as we achieved with our partnership with Lewes FC, supporting their equality mission.

“Collaborating with Happy Hour and Grove allowed us to build out an authentic content piece that I am really proud of and that I believe does justice to our near 150-year legacy.”

Ready to put your brand on TV?

If you’re thinking about advertising on TV, you’ve come to the right place. Happy Hour has helped many brands, including Lyle & Scott, make their first foray into TV advertising and we’d love to work with you to do the same. Contact us for a chat.

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