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With consumers spending more time consuming video content at home there’s long been a desire to turn video into a direct response channel. We’re big fans of this new direction for video, as online & social video creators have often longed for a way to demonstrate true bottom-line value to brands beyond the traditional metrics.

With Direct Response Video we’re seeing brands take the logical step of connecting ecommerce platforms to their video content, and it’s accessible to brands of all sizes!

Most marketers will know their ‘Hub’ from their ‘Hero’ content but few have managed to develop the elusive ‘Hurry’ content – where the consumer immediately acts or make a direct purchase – as the bottom-of-funnel content has relied on a click out of the immersive world of video to a totally different user experience on a landing page or ecommerce site. In this blog we’ve chosen two routes to Direct Response Video that we really rate – Live Video and Shoppable Video.

And don’t worry, this isn’t a tech blog for the big budget brands, Direct Response Video is inexpensive and an uber effective route to turn viewers into customers – all you need an experienced agency to help you.

And did we mention (shameless plug) that Happy Hour is a creative and production agency with almost two decades of experience delivering response driving TV, online & social video campaigns?

When clicks and likes aren’t cutting it, and you want to turn your clicks into quids, then let’s have a quick chat.

Live Video

With boasts of 6x higher engagement rates, nearly 3x’s duration rate and with almost 5x’s the Add-to-Cart rate of traditional video marketing, Live Video is working well for Retail brands where traditional clicks & bricks are finding it hard to stand-out online or even survive on the high street.

Live Video offers immediate conversion -yup you heard that right – immediate. By promoting your products and having your audience add-to-cart without leaving their stream it’s proving a great success for brands that are using Influencers or brands that want to show their products being used IRL.

And of course, it totally embraces the true nature of social, with your audience able to talk to your brand within the platform and even co-create content with you -what’s not to love 🔥 👏🔥👏 🔥

Courtesy of Bambuser

Shoppable Video

We get that not all brands want to dive right in with Live Video, and that’s where Shoppable Video becomes a great option. Shoppable Video combines the polish of a traditional video shoot with hot spot technology, allowing the viewer to tap on a scene to open up a shopping layer all within the video.

Connected to your ecommerce platform, the shopping layer lets the viewer ‘get-the-look’ and add to their basket and the results can be pretty darned good, 50% engagement rates, 15% CTR to a hotspot and a 4x’s higher rate of conversion over traditional video  – turnings viewers into customers.

Courtesy of Smartzer

You’ll recognise the Christmas 2020 campaign from JD Sports – a veritable catwalk of superstars! Full disclosure, we didn’t make this, but wish we had with stars like Rita Ora, Virgil Van Dyke and Maya Jama gracing our screens.

The team behind this campaign have shown us a wonderful example of how Shoppable Video can be distributed across email and social channels to connect the consumer to the shopping experience with great results with engagement rates topping 30% and CTR of over 15%.

Why we love these approaches for brands

  • Viewers want to see their favourite brands IRL, so well planned social videos (especially live) can be much less polished and your audience won’t mind
  • Both Shoppable and Live Video ads are accessible to brands of all sizes and budgets
  • Creatively, you can meet your audience where they are – inspiring them from home, and making their lives (and your sales) easier
  • It’s a great way to test and try different creative directions/approaches so that your future TV campaign is built from a proven creative platform
  • We can help – yes, another shameless plug for Happy Hour

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