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We’re thrilled that our latest feature film production Enemy Lines is now available to buy and download in the UK.

“Enemy Lines is an engrossing, tight, taut actioner that also touches upon the morality of war.” – Peoples World.

The gripping WWII action film set in 1943 follows a fictional US-British mission to extract a Polish scientist from under the noses of the Nazis in occupied Poland.

“To fully grasp the extraordinary nature of Major Kaminski’s (Ed Westwick) daring operation, imagine if a team of Nazi irregular soldiers had infiltrated New Mexico circa 1943 in order to “extract” nuclear physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, chief of the Manhattan Project’s staff, from Los Alamos in order to bring the scientist back to the Fatherland in order to work on Germany’s “heavy water” experiments to create an atomic bomb,” says Ed Rampell for Peoples World.

Filmed in Belarus and starring Ed Westwick and John Hannah, Enemy Lines is one of our most ambitious feature film productions yet. Our cast and crew endured long days filming in sub-zero temperatures but we are so pleased to be able to share this story with you.

“Given that the outcome of WWII is now history, period combat film-makers face obvious problems in coming up with something new. So, credit to screenwriter Michael Wright — working from a Tom George story — director Anders Banke and a hard-working cast led by Ed Westwick for delivering a fast and furious WW2 thriller that reworks genre tropes well enough.” Morning star.

Tom George describes, “We’d made a WW2 film a few years before, and we liked the idea of making another, but exploring a different part of the war. While researching, we stumbled on the Alsos Missions. It’s common knowledge over 1000 rocket scientists were  in 1945 to work on the Apollo program, but I was amazed to learn that as early as ’43, the Allies were sending teams to capture people and data for the Manhatten project, and to disrupt the German’s own efforts to make a bomb. Belarus in winter made a perfect substitute for Poland, the landscape is stunning, and the subzero conditions, (it was -20c some days/nights of the shoot) guaranteed us the snowy environment the story demanded.”

“Enemy Lines is most effective when the characters are all sneaking through the snowy forest, at once hunting and evading one another,” writes A.C. Koch for Spectrum Culture.

Enemy Lines is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

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