5 reasons why you should plan a radio advertising campaign

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Radio, many people wake up to it, commute with it and have it running in the background throughout their day. In fact radio accounts for 21% of adult daily media consumption. Is it time your brand thought about embarking on a radio advertising campaign? Here are just 5 reasons why you should consider using radio to tell your story.

Radio Adverts

1. People listen to radio adverts

Unlike TV viewers, most radio listeners don’t channel surf during the adverts – meaning your radio adverts have a good chance of being heard. This receptive audience listen to a variety of adverts repeated throughout the day, so it is essential you create a radio advert that stands out from the crowd.

2. Radio revenue is increasing

Radio revenues increased by 5% from 2017 to 2018. and are forecast to increase again this year, showing us that despite the rise of social media marketing, radio is still an important channel for brands to utilise.

3. It can turn your brand into a household name

Radio ads are designed to be catchy and we are all familiar with jingles that have got stuck in our heads. Giving your brand a voice is a great way to directly speak to your audience and increase your reach. If you can craft an engaging radio advert that accompanies listeners throughout their day, then you stand a good chance of getting your brand talked about.

4. You can target your perfect audience

RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research) is responsible for collecting data on radio listeners including demographics. This means you will have reliable up to date information on exactly who is listening to each station and the kind of listening figures you can expect for your advertising slot. If you do your research, as well as crafting a radio advert that appeals and speaks to your target audience, then you should see growth in engagement from your key demographics.

5. It can be quicker and cheaper to produce than a TV advert

The turnaround time for producing a radio advert can be considerably shorter than for producing a TV advert, this is because less resources are needed and things like locations do not have to be taken into account. This all contributes to radio advertising generally also being cheaper than TV advertising, bear in mind you have to pay for the airtime from the station though, which will vary in price dependant on the time slot.

Could your brand use some radio exposure? Get in touch for more info and a quote.

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