Register as a freelancer

Register as a freelancer

If you’re a freelancer looking for crew, production or post-production opportunities, use this portal to join our freelancer database.

Our database is the first place we go when we have a freelance vacancy. We really recommend using it to get your portfolio in front of our producers and directors (rather than email).

Being on the database guarantees that you’ll come up in future searches, and our team will automatically get notified when you join.

Freelance Crew

We're always up for seeing CVs and portfolios for freelance crew. We'll keep your details on file and if there's a project you'd be perfect for, we'll get in touch. Please don't be offended if we don't respond - we do get a lot of these.

Actors & Performers

While we are happy to accept CVs via email, we should point out that we use casting agencies and casting directors on our productions. It’s very seldom that we cast actors that have approached us directly.

Voice Over Artists

VO artists are welcome to send CVs and audio clips, although please realise we also use VO agencies in addition to casting directly. Other specialist performers are welcome to email their details to us, we keep everything on file for future reference.

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