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You should be using video for your B2B marketing, right? That is, after all, what all the experts say.

Well, as a creative video production agency, we’re hardly going to disagree. Video can be an extremely useful tool in the B2B marketing journey, creating validation and engagement for your brand – if it’s done well.

(Done badly it can frankly be a waste of time.)

Let’s not dwell too much on where brands go wrong with B2B video though (a blog for another day, perhaps). Instead, we’re going to look at what to bear in mind when using video in your B2B marketing. Here are some of our thoughts:

Strong video production values support B2B marketing.

Production values say a lot about your brand. To put it bluntly, B2B video that looks slick and professional encourages clients to associate those characteristics with your product or service.

This is particularly important for B2B companies with a premium pricing strategy. If you want B2B clients to pay more, they must feel like they are getting a premium service.  The production values that you put into your B2B marketing video (and indeed, any other outward-facing content) communicate far more about your brand than simply stating “we’re the best”.

Content is crucial in B2B video marketing.

B2B clients are discerning. Whether you’re pitching to a marketing director, a head of HR or a CTO, they will know their specialism inside out. Superficial or poorly thought-out B2B video content just isn’t going to cut the mustard with them. A good business development video should be more than just a rehash of your telephone pitch or your Powerpoint presentation – it’s your opportunity to demonstrate that you truly understand your B2B customers’ needs and can be the solution to their business’s challenges.

You might demonstrate that understanding by including data, research, case studies or quotes in your content – anything that robustly supports the case for your product or service. The key point is that your B2B video content should cut to the heart of the problem you want to solve for customers and describe your solution in language that makes sense to them.

That’s harder than it sounds. It requires thought, research and rigorous planning. Which is why…

Scripting and structure are the keys to B2B video success.

Breaking a video down into a structure that works is crucial. B2B video is no different to making any other narrative in video, it needs to engage the audience and take them on a journey – even if that journey is:

“Here’s who we are.”

“Here’s the scale of our operation.”

“Here’s how we help our clients.”

“Here’s why we are so good at what we do”

“Here’s how we can start working together.”

Once we have the right working structure for your offering, we can then script and prepare to give the video the right directorial treatment.

On that note: Performing on camera is hard – there’s a reason professional actors exist! But in business development videos it’s common to feature your key employees in your B2B video content as well, or even a client or two giving a testimonial.

This is where having a scriptwriter and director involved can be really valuable. Getting the most out of someone who isn’t used to the camera takes practice, patience and, above all, planning.

There’s a misconception about scripting interviews and talking heads: that it means writing out, line by line, what someone will say in advance and then getting them to read off an autocue. Whilst this is one approach, in fact it’s not that common.

Scripting in the context of B2B video interviews usually involves planning out the structure and open-ended questions needed to get the best answers out of the interviewee that tick the boxes needed in the script.

Choosing the right creative approach helps B2B engagement.

Have you ever watched a piece to camera and thought “this is going on too long”? Or watched an animation and wondered “why is this so complicated?”

Don’t get us wrong, we like using both animation and interviews in our B2B video content – but in the context of a well thought-out creative approach. Maybe the piece to camera needs to be broken up with some graphics? Or perhaps the animation needs to cut away to a real person to talk the audience through the complex bits?

It’s worth thinking about these questions in advance and understanding how they’ll affect engagement with your B2B video. It’s also worthwhile bringing in some outside help – get advice from a seasoned creative video expert.

Where can I find one of those then?

Funny that you should ask!

Happy Hour is a creative agency and video production company combined, with plenty of strategic and creative experience in helping brands communicate to both consumers, and other brands. We can help you on the journey to B2B video success – starting with the big idea and going all the way through to the nitty-gritty of filming, production and post-production edits.

If you’d like to know more, visit our video production page or get in touch via or our contact form.

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