We’re leading the way in sustainable commuting

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We are delighted Happy Hour is leading the way in sustainable commuting. Bristol City Council have informed us that our carbon footprint is much lower than most other businesses in the city due to how we all get to work; this is following the council’s research into local businesses environmental impact.

Most of us walk, cycle, use public transport or electric cars to commute. Not only is this great for the environment and our health, but also means we’ll be ahead of the game once Bristol’s new Clean Air Zone policy comes into play.

Bristol is set to become the UK’s first city to ban diesel cars from entering parts of the city centre in a bid to cut air pollution; having a significant effect on how people commute. Bristol City Council has agreed to ban privately owned diesel cars – the worst offenders for polluting – from a central zone in the daytime.

The city has long suffered from poor air quality, particularly from high levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The scheme, which needs government approval, is due to start in 2021. The council has proposed a date of 2028 to meet environmental targets with infrastructure work starting in the next 18 months.

Given that our office is in one of the most polluted parts of Bristol, it’s good to know that as a business we’re doing our bit to lower emissions!

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