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We are a team of creative people and we apply that creativity to coming up with great ideas to keep our business as sustainable as possible.

As well as being a Production Coordinator, part of my role at Happy Hour is being the Sustainability Coordinator for our Bristol Office. I enjoy striving to continually improve the environmental and social sustainability performance of our office. I aim to reduce the environmental impacts of all our activities and to help our clients and suppliers to do the same. We are continually exploring and implementing ways to lower carbon emissions generated by our output, without affecting output quality.

It is also important to recognise the changing culture of our work team. Now our team is much more attune to the need to reduce carbon emissions on an individual level, and so making the effort to do so as a company can be a good morale booster. Keeping our work culture in line with our employees’ views is really important to us.

Here’s my top quick and easy to implement tips for a greener office…

Encourage staff to bring in homemade lunches

We have fresh fruit and snacks available throughout the day and a fully fitted kitchen which makes bringing in homemade food much more convenient and appealing. Popping to the shops and buying lunch or snacks can often result in the use of lots of single use plastic.

Our Sound Engineer, Jamie, has even started bringing in surplus fresh vegetables from his allotment which we can enjoy with our lunch or take home in paper bags. Such a nice touch like this adds a homely feel to the office and again helps reduce the use of single use plastic and food-waste. 

Supply reusable water bottles

We love a bit of branded merch at Happy Hour. We provide a reusable branded water bottle to all staff. Not only does this help the environment, it is also a great welcome gift for new starters.

According to Water UK, in the UK 7.7 billion plastic water bottles are used each year, with the average person using 150 plastic water bottles – that’s more than 3 a week. Many are discarded and end up polluting our rivers and seas. Staggeringly if just 1 in 10 of us refilled just once a week, we’d save around 340 million plastic bottles a year!

Switch off the lights

I’m sure you already do this but it’s a good reminder – especially for busy office professionals. Switch off lights for areas of the office that aren’t in use or even think about installing lights that automatically turn on and off when needed.

Also, think of things you’d commonly do around your house to save money on electric such as only using the heating when you need it and turning devices off fully rather than leaving them on standby

Bring plants into the office

I love plants, they are pretty, add a pop of colour and are good for staff too! They reduce CO2 levels and can help to minimise mould. Staff feel happier in a nicer environment and this can help boost morale. Start with easy to take care of succulents and build up to more adventurous houseplants.

Pollution levels are often higher indoors than outdoors as indoor air collects a mix of nitrous oxides, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide particles mixed with chemicals emitted from things such as detergents and paints. This indoor pollution can cause runny eyes, sore throats, headaches and fatigue. Plants remove airborne pollutants so can massively help reduce all these symptoms making for a happier and more productive work force!

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