Elephants sometimes forget – our latest DRTV commercial goes live

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Communicating your brand values and the key features of your products in an engaging way can be a difficult task to achieve in just 30 seconds of airtime, but a Direct Response TV campaign could be the answer. Happy Hour are one of the UK’s leading DRTV commercial production companies and creating brand-boosting campaigns is one of the things we do best. One of our latest ads, for thinkmoney is airing now.

Thinkmoney wanted to promote their thinkmoney Credit Card to a wider UK audience, so they partnered with us to create a commercial which would drive prospects to their website and generate huge responses.

They wanted the ad to be approachable and relatable, like a normal conversation between two friends. We took this concept and flipped it on its head, introducing Pete and Bob to test the theory ‘elephants never forget’.

To ensure their personality shines through and the ad stands out on TV we used traditional Claymation animation. It’s a time consuming, meticulous process but it added such charm to the commercial and was a great way to bring our characters to life.

Michael Wright directed the ad which was animated by Darren Thompson and filmed in our own in-house studio. Michael explained “I’ve worked with some challenging actors regarding performance, but in terms of challenges you really can’t beat trying to get a lovable and amusing performance out of two lumps of hard, cold plasticine, in the shape of our two thinkmoney elephants.  But at least if your stars are clay elephants they never storm off set and hide in their trailers. 

Getting the ball rolling, we knew we had some great characters designed, but it was a pleasure to collaborate again with the amazing talents of Darren Thompson, our animator, who really brought charm and humour to the characters over a tricky three week shoot that required the clay models to be hand-sculpted for each frame in the finished film.

This old fashioned bit of craftspersonship, for an up to the minute product like Think Money, adds a lot of warmth and engagement and makes the ad really stand out on TV screens.”

We have a huge roster of talent that covers all types of animation from Claymation like Thinkmoney to 3D and 2D or hand drawn cell animation (like Disney) it’s a great way to add personality to your videos as well as ensuring they stand out. If you’ve got a video brief you think we can add some magic to then just get in touch.

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