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Last month we worked on a very different, fun and outside the box film for Anana, the customer service solutions experts. They got in touch to see if we could create a short video for them to enter in a competition at an upcoming conference.

We are thrilled to announce that the video won the competition!

The conference video needed to highlight the benefits of Anana’s Mission Control multichannel call centre solutions and how these solutions make the running of a call centre far more efficient. They wanted to highlight that Mission Control is so easy to use that there’s no reason to involve the IT department and it makes even high-demand days run smoothly.

The video needed to be fun and engaging video ideally becoming a talking point at the conference. Together we came up with the idea of using two rival call centres both dealing with Beyoncé concert tickets going live but with very different outcomes.

To demonstrate model use of the product and how its benefits have been modelled to perfection Happy Hour decided to use models…. plastic models. In fact inspired by the light hearted humorous brief we decided to use dolls and toys to create a Toy Story inspired video.

We loved working on this video, from making the miniature set to coming up with inventive ways to create the character movements it has been one of our most entertaining shoots this year. Director Michael Wright gave this quote about the experience: We had a great script from Tom George that was full of all the high drama and epic conflict you need in a film like this, we went to Toys R Us for the casting and found an amazing group of new talent to bring to the screen. The shoot was not without its problems though with tension on the set between Robot Man and Rex over who had the most close ups. Cindy wouldn’t come out of her pink plastic trailer at one point too, but this was because the other toys had glued the door shut. At another point shooting was halted for up to three minutes when one of the actor’s arms fell off.”

Anana are thrilled with the final video, here’s what they had to say about the process:

“We came across Happy Hour Productions when we were searching for a film production company online. We thought that the Happy Hour website was quite impressive so gave them a call, as we did a few other companies. As soon as we spoke to Tom at Happy Hour we had a good feeling. It seemed like a flexible, innovative and helpful team.

We were on a tight deadline and upon engaging Happy Hour they made recommendations in order to save us time and money. We were in constant communication and dealt with the same few people from the HH team all the way through which we really appreciated; we know that we weren’t the easiest of customers! It felt like Tiggy and Tom really took ownership of our project and genuinely wanted it to be a success as much as we did.

The final product is absolutely perfect for its purpose (we are entering it in to a product led competition at a conference we are attending.) It’s more creative and humorous than any promotional film we have had made in the past. Despite the fact that it’s a promotional video for a technical product it’s really engaging, light hearted and funny!”

Take a look at our gallery of behind the scenes pics below and remember if you need a quick turnaround conference video or corporate film don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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