SunLife ask ‘Where’s Mum?’ in latest Family Insurance campaign

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Our latest campaign for SunLife has now gone live, ‘Where’s Mum?’ is an emotive advert illustrating the importance of financial planning to ensure a secure future for your family. The campaign highlights the benefits of SunLife’s family life insurance, with a voiceover from an absent mum leading to a twist halfway through.

Director Colin McIvor explains the reason behind his vision for this campaign, ‘Where’s Mum?’ is a poignant, emotive concept relying on the viewer to relate and react. My primary task as director was to tap into a Mother’s universal instinct to care for her ‘own’. Therefore I had to draw strong, yet delicately balanced performances as ultimately the Mum is still around and the concept depends on the cast’s believability. Using subtle post zooms and tracking, we push in on the children’s vulnerable eyes and faces to help draw out the poignancy of the seemingly absent mum.”

Produced by Happy Hour Productions and featuring a video within the video this advert marks the second time we’ve collaborated with Director of Photography, Mark Stubbs this year. He helped create the perfect atmosphere of a cosy evening at home as well as a contrasting sunny holiday video. Our team were lucky with the weather on location, despite it being freezing the sun was shining.

For this advert every element helps tell the story and speak to the viewer, the cast, locations, wardrobe and cinematography all contributed to a relatable family, whose situation would resonate with viewers.

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