Happy Hour Launches A Global TV Campaign for Amira – with a literal Splash!

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Happy Hour Productions has produced a new global TV ad campaign for Amira Nature Foods. Released earlier this month, the advert focuses on showcasing the quality of Amira’s premium rice brand.

Amira is a major international producer of basmati rice and other Indian snacks and oils, all of which are sourced as naturally and sustainably as possible. Fairtrade and corporate responsibility, along with a strong reputation for high quality products, are at the heart of the brand. After a dramatic splash, the commercial shows a gentle swirl of swimmers in white who drift under the water like gently cooking grains of rice. The scene gives way to a close up of freshly cooked rice tumbling onto a plate.

The underwater footage was filmed at Pinewood Studios in their underwater stage by veteran cinematographer Mike Valentine. Mike is reknowned for his underwater sequences, having filmed underwater sequences on Hollywood blockbusters  such as Skyfall, Pirates of the Carribean and The Bourne Ultimatum. As such he was the natural choice for lighting and filming the clear, crisp footage needed to represent both the superior quality and purity of Amira’s rice products, and the prestige of their well-established brand.

Mike Valentine is almost uniquely placed to get the very best shots from any filming undertaken at Pinewood’s underwater stage, as his experience and reputation led to him being consulted during the design process.

Happy Hour produced the commercial from start to finish, completing all the audio and video post-production at their Bristol based facility house.

The advert went live this month, and can be seen below.

If you’re interested in tv commercial production to represent your brand and products, get in touch with Happy Hour on 0117 929 9797.

Amira TVC from Happy Hour Productions on Vimeo.

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