Animation Production and VFX in the UK

Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity won seven Academy Awards on Sunday for its ground-breaking and incredible work in stereoscopic 3D production. In addition, two of the awards – for ‘Best Visual Effects’ and ‘Best Film Editing’ – were for work completed by British production companies.

Most of the visual effects (VFX) for Gravity were created in the UK by British company, Framestore, with filming taking place at Pinewood and Shepperton studios. The post-production 3D conversion was completed by Prime Focus World, another esteemed British company.

 “In terms of filmmaking, [Gravity is] a quantum leap forward, creatively and technically,” said Richard Baker, Supervisor at Prime Focus World.

Gravity has been applauded by experts in the field for its incredible 3D effects and for the new filmic processes designed behind the scenes – definitely worthy of all seven Oscars.

Last year we filmed a new TV commercial production at Pinewood, working on the incredible under-water stage. Not quite Sandra Bullock in a skimpy outfit, but we worked with a 40 strong crew alongside Pinewood’s technical team including the wonderfully talented and friend to the stars, Mike Valentine.

The pool is the largest of its kind and is permanently filled with approximately 1.2m litres of water. It is continuously heated to 30 degrees centigrade, so as to avoid discomfort for camera crews.

The ad includes creating and compositing extensive CGI, VFX and 3D animation production – our finished ad will be revealed later in the year.

So, who knows? Maybe this tenuous link to Gravity will be a good luck omen for the advert’s success!

If you’re interested in animation production or our motion graphics & VFX, contact us on (0117) 929 9797. We have plenty of creative solutions for TV commercials production so give us a bell with your brief or get in touch here

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