Happy Hour Produces DRTV Campaign out of ‘Laddishness Revisited’

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It’s time to share yet another bit of good news. Our own Director Michael Wright has produced a successful DRTV campaign for tools and hardware supplier Toolstation, coming out of an equally successful YouTube video.

Originally designed as a ‘cheeky’ piece for YouTube, Toolstation decided to use the video for their TV advertising drive, after it racked up over 54,000 views online.

“Toolstation wanted something that would appeal to a wider audience,” said Michael, “Not laddish as such, but certainly something more edgy than what you find on television.”

“It’s laddishness revisited, essentially,” he said.

Toolstation’s TV commercial production centres around a mother’s successful endeavours to keep her daughter’s boyfriend out of her daughter’s room. Keen to subvert the idea that only builders and ‘lads’ would visit Toolstation, Happy Hour decided to turn the tables on the main protagonist – one unlucky, lusty boyfriend.

“We were looking for a sneaky turnaround at the end,” said Michael, “You would expect the guy to represent our main demographic, but it turns out that the Mum is just as proficient with tools – this advert was not just for blokes.”

The boyfriend tries to sneak into his girlfriend’s room at night; but fails when his squeaks and bumps alert the mother to his intentions. The next day, he makes the necessary repairs and tries again in the evening. The video culminates with his arrival in the girl’s room, before falling through a hole in the floor – prepared by his not so soon-to-be mother-in-law.

Jake Gorton, Assistant Producer on set said, “This video is surely based on everyone’s own experiences. It’s that awkwardness that we’ve all experienced when dealing with mothers.”

The clip originally aired on YouTube in September and was quickly shared all over the web. Driven by the video’s popularity, Toolstation have now booked another burst of DRTV media for April and May.

And although it looks like the house was destroyed on location, the only real damage was a smashed mug which we couldn’t fix in post-production.

“It really looked like we trashed that house, cutting a hole in the floor like that,” said Michael, “But that was just special effects we added in afterwards. We left that house as immaculate as when we arrived. Apart from one little mug, obviously.”

“It was a manic shoot, all done in one steamy day in August,” said Michael.

If you’d like to ask about our DRTV options as well as any other projects we’re currently working on, why not contact us for more information?

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