DRTV: Dirty or Delivering Results?

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Let’s face it, Direct Response TV commercials are often frowned upon in our industry – the ‘down and dirty’ side to advertising on TV. Yet those brands using DRTV are having the last laugh.

These commercials are a great way for businesses to generate instant interest and response to their products, services, or appeal. Already used by major companies as a focal point for marketing campaigns due to its proven effectiveness and measurability, DRTV commercials create interest, raise funds, and make profit in a relatively short space of time. You only have to look at Macmillan’s Biggest Coffee Morning, where DRTV recruited over 50,000 hosts.

A professionally produced DRTV commercial has many benefits for a business and is a powerful form of advertising. If you’re considering having a DRTV commercial produced, here are some of the things we think about:

Creativity and Persuasiveness

Despite the informative aspect of DRTV commercials, there’s still plenty of room for creativity, with many of the commercials we have produced making use of animation, special effects, comedy and emotional content to evoke a response from viewers and engage with them on a more personal level.

The inclusion of contact details within a commercial makes it a lot easier for viewers to make enquiries, donate, or make purchases and it is this, combined with the creative content that makes DRTV a lot more persuasive than other kinds of adverts. For instance, our Macmillan Christmas ad delivered their best ROI on record, including a single donation of £10,000!

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A DRTV commercial does not necessarily have to be formulaic to be responsive – they can include content and stories that are as memorable and unique as other commercials.

Through the use of, say, celebrity spokespeople, unique characters, perhaps repeating the brand name, or even using a jingle, an unforgettable DRTV commercial can be equally enjoyed by viewers. With professional production values and use of branding, DRTV ads can be memorable enough to become instantly recognisable, even provoking response from consumers long after the commercial has aired. Take our latest campaign for QuickQuid, now in its second year, where there’s far less of those ‘traditional’ DRTV elements, yet it still delivers improved response year on year.

Instant Response

One of the main benefits of producing a DRTV commercial as a business is that it creates instant response. Unlike other methods of promotion and advertising, an advertisement of this kind with a telephone number, SMS number, or website details, allows for consumers and viewers to instantly respond and make contact.

Displaying contact information throughout the commercial means that audiences can make contact before the commercial has finished. Impact and results can therefore easily be measured, with businesses often seeing a rise in communication during and immediately after the commercial has aired. We work very closely with our media partners to ensure the correct long-tail measurements are in place to track response and truly see the benefit of DRTV.

At Happy Hour Productions, we have loads of experience in producing great DRTV adverts for well-known national and international brands. We can help you create the best DRTV commercial for your brand, which not only raises awareness but delivers results and helps you achieve your business goals.

Drop us a line to find out how a DRTV commercial might help your business grow – call us in Bristol on 0117 929 9797 or get in touch via our contact page.

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