Happy Hour Productions helps launch QuickQuid FlexCredit

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QuickQuid has launched QuickQuid FlexCredit, a new financial product designed to offer customers a more flexible approach to borrowing.  QuickQuid FlexCredit provides customers with a personalised credit limit, with a flexible repayment schedule.

The Happy Hour creative team has worked with QuickQuid to develop new advertising and messaging, such as TV and Radio. Later this month you’ll see the new QuickQuid FlexCredit TV ad, set in the QuickQuid Innovations Lab, where the team provides a solution for customers’ needs for more flexibility. 

The product was developed as a result of company-commissioned research, which revealed that flexible, customised payments  were highly valued by customers. Overwhelmingly, research responders stated that being able to choose their loan amount and repayment timescales were important characteristics to a short-term loan product.

Watch out for the new TV ad to learn more about QuickQuid FlexCredit.

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