Happy Hour produce Park Christmas savings DRTV campaign

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Bristol based TV commercial production company, Happy Hour Productions, has created a direct response TV campaign for savings club Park Christmas Savings.

Directed by Scott Pleydell-Pearce and starring actress Claire Sweeney, the DRTV campaign was shot over three days and took ten weeks to produce. The ads will run until February 2010 to promote the benefits for saving for Christmas 2010, now.

[vid id=”16192273″]

Tom George, executive producer for Happy Hour, said: “It was an exciting set of DRTV commercials to work on and allowed us to combine our CGI animation and live action experience working alongside Claire Sweeney and Park’s animated fairy character. Park Christmas Savings has firmly established itself as the number one Christmas savings club, and we were delighted to be given the opportunity to produce these direct response tv commercials for them.”

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