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Video and Audio Post Production

Because Happy Hour offers a full-service video production solution, we've got first rate post production facilities in-house.

In addition to servicing our own tv commercial and video production, our facilities are also in demand providing picture and sound post production to feature films and tv series.

Combined with our visual fx and motion graphics department, Happy Hour provides post production from start to finish.

So if you're after audio or video post-production, our feature film experienced, award-winning team will happily take care of it.

Video post production

We have fully post-produced picture on theatrical feature films, commercials, idents, and title sequences.

We can take care of the whole process, or step in to handle any individual part you like, whether just the picture finishing work, including grading and colour correction on our DaVinci grading systems, or offline editing and all deliverables.

Our video post-production can handle 8k raw work flow with multiple edit suites working from the same footage.

Audio post production & sound design

Our audio post-production facilities are a step above broadcast level too. We have a 5.1 surround sound mixing theatre, in addition to broadcast stereo suites.

We have an in-house commentary record booth for voiceover recording, that's perfect for TV commercials and radio adverts.

Plus we have an ISDN line, meaning we can record broadcast quality voice over from any other ISDN studio in the world.

Radio advert production

Happy Hour's audio post production includes full radio ad production facilities, including a voiceover booth, ISDN line and producers in dealing with RACC. To find out more about our radio commercial production services, click here.

Film trailers, market promos,
TV idents

Our Post Production services include production and editing of film trailers, market promos, tv channel idents, and title sequence production.

Click here for more information and to see some examples.

Video grading and colour correction

We have 4k grade monitors for perfect colour correction, complete with Resolve grading systems. We grade all our productions in house, in addition to theatrically released feature films and TV content.

Sound design & music composition

Our audio post production facilities include Pro Tools suites for sound design, and a roster of composers on hand to write music and jingles, often on tight timelines.

Motion Graphics and Animation Production

Our motion graphics and animation production departments further augment our post production capability.

We have designed title sequences for TV shows, and created complex visual effects and composite scenes for projects in post-production.

TV Commercials - Mastering, Clocking, Versioning, Subtitling

We have extensive experience in post producing TV commercials for broadcast and have a thorough knowledge of all the Clearcast stipulations required for on-screen text, supers and graphics.

If the commercial requires legal text to be displayed, we can ensure that your TV commercial complies with the current guidelines and specifications.

We can also subtitle content for TV, film and commercials.

Clearcast handling & playouts

Our TV advertising team can also fully handle Clearcast and playouts to the transmission stations, to almost any station in the world.


Fancy a chat?

Want to pick our brains about all things post production? Drop us a line, we'd love to help.