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Get the most out of YouTube with our top-tips

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Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? (We’re sure we don’t need to remind you of the top-dog). The massive platform is key for businesses of all sizes to utilise with its phenomenal reach that only continues to grow. We wanted to share our top-tips for creating YouTube friendly content and the best ways to make sure your video gets seen.

Get the most out of YouTube with our top-tips

Quality control

People now expect a certain level of quality in all online video content. With high-spec cameras much more readily available and with more people than ever creating high quality visual media, you should make sure your video is up to scratch or it will stand out for all the wrong reasons. If all you have is a phone, that’s ok but we would recommend investing in a mini tripod for it. These are super cheap and make such a huge difference. If your video features an interviewee, then it could also be worth investing in an external mic or a pop filter for your phone – this helps tone down background noise.


Keep it short! People’s attention spans, especially online, are notoriously short so make sure to keep it snappy. Tell your story succinctly and cleverly. Try not to make it too ‘salesy’ as people are savvy to this and it can seem a bit too obvious. Make sure your viewer is gaining something from watching your video, whether that be knowledge or a chuckle.

Judge a book by its cover

Titles and thumbnails are key, these are the first things any user will see, and they need to be informative (no space for ambiguity here) and compelling. Keep titles short but make sure to include keywords. Also, be sure to size your thumbnail correctly for YouTube and sneak in any branding if you can.


Meta tags are short pieces of text that describe the content of a web page, or in this case video. The tags tell search engines what your video is and as such they are really important to help your video get those views. YouTube also uses these tags to work out which videos are like yours; it can then suggest your video to people watching similar content. If you need some meta tag inspiration, you can see any web pages’ meta tags by right clicking on a page and clicking view page source – you just have to wade through some html.

Make it shareable  

People may come across your video organically, but it will increase you chances of getting it seen if it is social shareable. Think about what people like to share; ‘I didn’t know that’ moments, personal engaging stories, funny content and animals. If there’s a way you can get a dog into you video, we strongly recommend you do (or cat – we’re not bias).

YouTube Advertising

For decades, TV ads have been the most effective form of media advertising and still reign supreme, however if you have a smaller budget and really want to track the detail of ROI, then YouTube ads could be a good way to go. Also, as YouTube is partnered with Google, content can often be duplicated there and help with your SEO. YouTube ads work best as a way to raise brand awareness as your audience will likely be upper-funnel; meaning messaging reaches users before they are aware of your brand, product, or service. This kind of promotion will put you in the minds of customers so you will emerge as their top choice when they do need the service or product you provide.

If you’d like some help with YouTube content or YouTube ads please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re nerds for this type of thing and would love to talk shop with you.

Twelve million views for our tandem twosome

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It’s great to see work we’ve created being enjoyed by the viewers, especially when it’s being shared and engaged with worldwide. Which is exactly what’s happening with SunLife’s latest viral online video.

The latest in that series introduces the adorable tandem cyclists Graeme (86) and Betty (91) and it’s certainly struck a chord with viewers, racking up over 12 million views and over 200 thousand shares in just a couple of weeks.

We’ve been collaborating with SunLife for years now, not just on their successful DRTV commercial campaigns, but also on videos for their social channels. The ‘Welcome to Life After 50’ suite of videos showcases inspirational stories of people over 50 that really resonate with SunLife’s audience.

SunLife use the video series to tell inspirational stories to their viewers. Stories that they know their customer base, who are searching for over 50s life insurance, will enjoy. The series fits with SunLife’s ethos of living life well at any age.

A series of videos for your website and social media channels are a great way to engage your existing audience whilst reaching new ones. Using emotive or inspirational storytelling encourages engagement and sharing which helps spread your message even further.

At Happy Hour we’ve got an experienced team of directors and producers who can concept, script and produce a whole suite of videos for you or produce a video based on your existing script. If you’d like to chat about how we can help you use online video to boost engagement with your brand then get in touch.

A personality-filled online video for Barcan+Kirby

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Barcan+Kirby are a high street law firm based in Bristol. They cover most legal services from Wills, to Conveyancing, to Family Law and more recently they’ve been focusing on building their Commercial team for sole traders to SMEs. They wanted a new video to use on their website which would not only tell the story of who they are and what they do, but also give the audience a bit of an insight into their unique ethos.

Tiffany Donnelly, the producer of this video explains, “Barcan+Kirby wanted a video to give prospective customers an overview of the company and the services they provide as well as a feel for the company culture. Barcan+Kirby pride themselves on being different to other solicitors. They take a holistic approach and many of their customers stay with them on their journey through life, using a whole variety of their services. After meeting us and being impressed with the quality of our work, they trusted that their brief was in safe hands with Happy Hour.”

The two minute video introduces real Barcan+Kirby staff who all have different specialisms, and features candid shots of their team at work. The video has a hand-held informal style that captures the spirit of the business. They pride themselves on being ethical solicitors with a range of inclusive practices and are actively involved in the local community.  

We shot it in various locations across Bristol, showcasing areas where some of Barcan+Kirby’s 6 offices are located as well as some of Bristol’s iconic landmarks. The aerial footage of a residential area was actually drone footage we’d filmed for a previous TV campaign.

With films like this it’s important to convey authority and trust whilst also showing the brands personality. The beautiful visuals of Bristol certainly help show off the fact that this is a proudly local company.

If your website could benefit from some fresh video content, be it an introduction to your services, customer testimonials or staff interviews, then why not get in touch and see how we can help.

Creating winning conference films? Child’s play

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Exhibiting at conferences is all about standing out from the crowd, drawing attendees to your pitch and leaving a lasting impression that makes sure your leads get in touch. This is where a great conference film can help.

For the third year in a row Anana partnered with us to create a fun, memorable video for the product demo competition at the Genesys CX18 conference in Nashville.

Previously we’ve created videos using a miniature set and a cast of toys but this time Anana wanted to step things up a gear with a live action shoot – child’s play!

The brief for the video was simple; it needed to be fun, attention grabbing, clearly showcase what Anana’s Customer Experience solutions can do, and be something that would get the conference goers talking after they’d seen it. We think this certainly fulfilled the brief. 😉

The video came second in the competition in Nashville and when the team at Anana used it at a recent event in London it “went down a storm” generating loads of interest and fantastic leads.

Our previous Anana videos were shot in-house in our own studio but as this one featured real Anana staff we filmed it at their HQ, just outside Bristol. A shoot involving children and slime might sound like a recipe for disaster but luckily we’ve got nearly 15 years’ experience that covers everything from underwater filming to persuading pets to perform on camera.

The Director Michael Wright explains “we wanted to take viewers on a great Anana adventure that was both funny and epic in an ‘X Men’ meets ‘Thunderbirds’ kind of a way, but still communicate what Anana is all about in terms of streamlining customer experience. The Anana staff did a great job taking part in the film and their performances and their kids’ performances really bring the story to life. The trickiest moment was when the Anana kids crashed the first three planes before they learned to fly it properly, with hindsight it might have been better to use specials effects for this rather than actually have them flying the plane…”

If you think a personality-filled, memorable corporate film could help your brand stand out then get in touch, we’d love to help.

Instagram launches IGTV, will you be tuning in?

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Instagram launches IGTV will you be tuning inInstagram, the social media giant with over 800 million users, has launched a new feature that will no doubt be causing its rivals to worry about how to hold on to their users. After making a serious dent in the fortunes of Snapchat it now seems they have their sights set on YouTube with their launch of InstagramTV.

Unlike Instagram Stories, their current video offering, IGTV is exclusively for pre-recorded long-form content. Although they may expand to include live videos later. Users can post videos from 15 seconds to 10 minutes in length, whilst popular influencers and verified accounts can post up to an hour of video content. Users can like, comment on and send the videos to each other via direct message and some Twitter users are already pointing out that their videos are getting more views and engagement than those hosted on YouTube, although this could be due to there being far less content on IGTV at the moment.

It exists both as a dedicated section within the Instagram app and also as a stand-alone app. Users are able to search and scroll through videos recommended for them, as well as ones from people they follow and popular videos. Whilst there’s currently no paid advertising option for IGTV brands can add ‘swipe up’ CTAs on their videos, and given the premium of full-screen mobile real estate it’s likely that an ad package or opportunities for sponsored content will be introduced soon. When you open the app the videos just start playing, like TV and Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom thinks this ‘lean back’ mode could make IGTV a powerful place for Instagram to put ads.

However, experts including Neil Waller of influencer marketing agency Whaler warned that IGTV requires careful planning by brands, “it should not be a place where users simply post their stories, unless Instagram’s end goal is for IGTV to become a replacement for Stories.” This seems unlikely, given that Stories focuses on short, snappy, in the moment updates that encourages spontaneous creativity as opposed to the careful, thought out approach of pre-recorded and edited IGTV videos. It’s essential that brands think carefully about the kind of content they want to put on IGTV so that it’s an extension of their video marketing not a repetition. The videos are only shown vertically and full screen so that may means brands need to change up or experiment with their filming equipment.

We think this is an exciting development to social media and video marketing and we’re interested to see the innovative ways brands use this new channel.

Are you thinking of experimenting with IGTV, or video content on social media in general? Why not get in touch and pick our brains about how we might be able to help. Our Facebook video series for SunLife is already seeing incredible engagement and we’d love to help more companies use video to boost their brand.

6 things to include in your video brief

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So you’ve decided to commission a piece of film, great! Launching a video campaign is exciting, but it can also be quite daunting. You may be envisioning casting calls, location shooting and the glitz and glamour of a film set, but you might also be feeling a little overwhelmed and not sure where to begin when trying to get your idea onto the screen. Luckily, that’s where we come in.

As a creative production agency we get a variety of video briefs, from short social media videos to multi-national TV advertising campaigns, so we know how to go about delivering a piece of video content, from script to screen. Here’s some common questions we ask people when they get in touch about a video, these are good starting points to include in a video brief to make sure you and your production company are on the same page from the get go.

Happy Hour Productions clapperboard on TV commercial shoot
  1. Where is the video being used?

Are you wanting to freshen up your website with some video content? Perhaps you want a fun short film for your social media, or maybe you’re after a big, shiny TV advertising campaign. Where you want the video to be seen matters. It could affect the purpose of the video, its intended audience and even the video style. So have a think about what you want the film to achieve and then where you think the best channel for it would be.

  1. What’s the purpose of the video?

Aside from being used as a marketing tool, is there a specific purpose for your video? Are you launching a new product, trying to encourage people to come to an event, creating a customer testimonial about a product or service, or showing off your brand to new audiences? The purpose of your video has an impact on the messaging you’ll want it to contain, where you’ll want to show it, and could also affect the style of film. For example a shiny brand campaign aimed at getting your name or product more widely known is probably better on TV or social media whereas a customer testimonial might be more suited to living on your website.

Happy Hour Productions filming online video content
  1. What style of video?

Snappy stop-motion, to-camera interviews, CGI masterpieces or studio shoots, how do you want your final video to look? You know your brand and audience inside out so you know what will work best. For instance, animation or CGI can be good if you want to convey lots of information or demonstrate technical aspects of products or services, whilst live-action films are great for telling stories.

  1. Do you have a script?

This is to the give the agency an idea of the scope of the work, which they can quote for accordingly. If you have a script worked up, great! If not, it’s no problem. Many agencies and production companies can collaborate with you to craft a script that’s just right. Experienced production agencies will also be able to advise you on messaging to include in your film to get the best results.

Happy Hour Productions train statio nlocatoin filming for QuickQuid
  1. Budget?

This is a big one. How much does a video cost is a bit like ‘how long’s a piece of string’, depending on things like length, style and where it’s being filmed costs can very hugely. If you include an idea of budget, no matter how rough, in your brief you can rest assured that you and your production agency are on the same page from the start, and reduce the likelihood of unexpected costs popping up later.

  1. Other videos/styles you like

It’s always handy to give your agency an idea of other videos you’ve liked, which can help them get a feel for the style you’re after. Put together a list of films you’ve seen which you feel could work for your brand and purpose, this could be a video your competitor put out, a tv advert you’ve always admired or even a clip you saw floating around on social media.

Including these 6 things is a great way to beef up your brief and give your agency or production company a really clear idea of the kind of video you’re after so they can crack on with creating the perfect video for you from the get go.

If you’re working up a brief for video why not send it our way? We’re now in our 15th year of creating video marketing for a huge variety of brands and we’d love to help you too.

Happy Hour productions crew behind the camera on shoot

Harness the happy: social media video for April Fools’ Day

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Social media ‘holidays’ are a great way for brands to showcase their personality and start conversations with their audience. Whilst there’s a ‘Twitter holiday’ seemingly every day, Talk Like a Pirate Day anyone? (September 19th if you’re interested) some are certainly more important from a marketing perspective.

April Fools’ Day has become an annual competition between brands to see who can come up with the most inventive, convincing or hilarious way to fool their audience and customers. We highly recommend grabbing a cuppa and taking a look at some of these roundups of cracking campaigns from 2016 and 2017 for some inspiration.

As well as being a great way to inject some fun into your digital marketing campaigns, social media videos are often an opportunity to generate PR, every year the industry and marketing press is full of round-ups of the best April Fools’ Day campaigns, like the ones above.

It’s important to prepare these campaigns so they’re believable and will fool people without being insulting or (too) controversial. Setting up fake product pages, sending out press releases and investing in making the prank seem genuine are likely to ensure your prank gets shared, giving your brand visibility and boosting engagement.

No one knows your customers like you do, so trust your gut as to what they would find funny and relevant, the best pranks tie into the brand and products in a convincing way.

We’ve been working with SunLife for a few years now to produce some of their most successful video pranks. They’ve seen great reach from these campaigns, which brought in new audiences and got them free press coverage.

Beard Insurance was viewed on their website 105k times in one day, with web traffic increased by 400%. This campaign even won 2 awards at the Financial Services Forum Awards as well as being featured in The Telegraph and Look.

 Courtesy Pet Cover had 528k views, 1.2k shares and was featured in The Drum.

 While last years’ Guaranteed Sun Insurance brought in 381k views, 78 shares and was also featured in The Drum.

Are you thinking of using video to prank your audience? As specialists in creating quick-turnaround, entertaining social media videos we might be able to help. If you’ve already got an idea, we can help you to bring it to life, or we can come up with something to get people talking. Get in touch to find out more.

Santa Claus comes to town for our latest SunLife social video

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and here at Happy Hour we’re certainly getting into the Christmas spirit. Our latest festive film for SunLife has now gone live on their social channels, once again showcasing an inspiring over 50 year old.

For this online video we sourced a local toy shop, Bristol Favours Little Treasures, in Bristol whose owner, 54 year old Jo, perfectly encompassed the traits SunLife promotes in their ‘Welcome to Life After 50’ suite of films. Jo always dreamed of opening a toy shop and her motto of “Take life by the horns and it doesn’t matter how old you are” is the perfect sentiment.

Production Coordinator Pietro Herrera explains why we decided upon this particular story for our Christmas video. “Toy shop owner Jo is a well-known and well-loved face in the community of St George, Bristol. With traditional wooden toys and a support for local artists we thought her shop would make the perfect setting for the warm and cosy Christmas video.

As we enter Bristol Favours Little Treasures we step into a winter wonderland complete with some of Santa’s little helpers organising presents. We were even lucky enough to have the big man himself drop by the office to record the voice over – a real feat given it’s his busiest time of the year!

Directed by Michael Wright and shot on location over just four hours one cold November evening, the Happy Hour team set-dressed the shop to up the Christmassy vibes. The opening was shot using a handcrafted miniature street set and a specially made snow globe, whilst our voice over session with Santa was recorded at Happy Hour HQ. The set was carefully lit and filmed using a Black Magic Ursa mini with vintage Carl Zeiss lenses that, along with the final grade, created that warm festive glow reminiscent of classic 90s Christmas movies.

We knew last year’s cheeky Christmas film would be hard to beat, so this had to be something extra special. It’s always a treat getting to sprinkle a little Christmas magic on a shoot and having Santa visit us at Happy Hour HQ was certainly a highlight!” – Nicola Tyler, Head of Commercials

These interesting, engaging and highly-sharable videos really resonate with viewers and are a great way for SunLife to showcase their personality and open a dialogue with their audience. If you are looking for fun, creative online video that show more of your brand’s personality, then get in touch to find out how we can help.

Our favourite 2017 video marketing statistics

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As we look ahead to 2018, another year where video content is expected to dominate, we thought we’d round up some of the best video marketing stats from this year. If you haven’t already jumped on the video bandwagon, what are you waiting for?

2017 video marketing statistics infographicIf you’ve started looking ahead to plan your 2018 video marketing strategy, why not get in touch to see how we can help? 

Creating viral online video content for SunLife

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Social networks are making it harder than ever for your content to get good organic reach. With changing algorithms and re-organised news feeds it’s become more and more difficult for brands to stand out without putting some cash behind their content.

We create viral online video content for SunLife’s social channels that is really resonating with viewers and they are seeing amazing organic reach and results. The “Life After 50” suite of films gets genuine engagement and creates a real buzz. Two of the most recent films have racked up 1.8 million and 924 thousand views respectively:

The story of Tessa Morgan, an 82 year old ballet dancer, has currently been shared over 28 thousand times on Facebook alone! Whilst the film of 63 year old DJ Bernie has been shared over 7 thousand times.

All the SunLife videos are filmed using our internal crew and fully produced in-house. Having all facilities in-house means we can offer budget friendly online video solutions to our clients.

Nicola Tyler, Head of Commercials, explains why we enjoy making this type of online video content: “The over 50’s are not the ‘silver surfers’ they once were – 50 is not old! The type of content we’re making is genuinely challenging stereotypes and long-standing perceptions of the over 50’s – something SunLife are increasingly keen to do. So it’s a challenge for us too, to find interesting and inspiring stories that are going to resonate – and it’s nice to see the viewers are enjoying the content as much as we enjoy making it.”

The Life After 50 videos are an ongoing project so watch this space for more inspiring stories to come.

If you’re thinking about shaking up your online video content then get in touch or call us on 0117 929 9797.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at a few of our Life After 50 shoots.