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Showcasing the sensible and the spontaneous in our TV ad for Trussle

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We’re thrilled to introduce the new brand response TV ad campaign for Trussle, the online mortgage broker which launched this weekend.

The new creative, by Happy Hour, calls on home owners to do the sensible thing: switch and save on their mortgage.

It opens with Jenny and James, a thoroughly sensible couple who have saved £4,000 a year by using Trussle to switch and monitor their mortgage. Flush from their recent saving, Jenny and James splurge on a rococo style painting of themselves – in thrilling and spontaneous defiance of their usual sensible selves.

The campaign is aimed at home owners, encouraging them to switch and save on their mortgage. By sparing two minutes and signing up to Trussle’s free mortgage monitoring service, borrowers can check if they’re on the right mortgage product and relax knowing that their mortgage is being proactively monitored.. Trussle will alert home owners and guide them through the switching process when the time is right.

The ad was filmed in Bristol, directed by Michael Wright with all production and post-production handled in-house.

Nicola Tyler, Managing Partner at Happy Hour, said, “From first meeting the Trussle team, it was immediately apparent what an innovative, forward-thinking brand they are and we are delighted to be working on the new TV advertising creative.

For Happy Hour the challenge was clear: as an agency specialising in brand response TV, it was our job to balance the personality of the brand itself with a clear focus on customer acquisition.

Getting stuck into the brief, we recognised that getting a mortgage or remortgaging can feel like a dark art, often laborious and difficult to navigate. Trussle provides the antidote to this, the better way, the more sensible way, and so the idea for the “sensible” campaign was born.”

Ishaan Malhi, CEO and Founder of Trussle, added, “There’s still too much complexity across the industry which doesn’t make it easy for home owners to understand how and when to switch their mortgage. The traditional process is outdated and millions of people are losing out financially, and emotionally as a result.

There are over 2 million borrowers who could be saving today by switching to a better deal. We’re on a mission to make the switching process transparent and simple, removing the barriers that have previously existed and helping people save money in the process.

Our TV ad shows just that. Switching with Trussle is the sensible thing to do with your mortgage. Every home owner should do it.”

If you’d like to learn more about how response TV advertising could boost your brand, and how we might be able to help, get in touch today.

Elephants sometimes forget – our latest DRTV commercial goes live

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Communicating your brand values and the key features of your products in an engaging way can be a difficult task to achieve in just 30 seconds of airtime, but a Direct Response TV campaign could be the answer. Happy Hour are one of the UK’s leading DRTV commercial production companies and creating brand-boosting campaigns is one of the things we do best. One of our latest ads, for thinkmoney is airing now.

Thinkmoney wanted to promote their thinkmoney Credit Card to a wider UK audience, so they partnered with us to create a commercial which would drive prospects to their website and generate huge responses.

They wanted the ad to be approachable and relatable, like a normal conversation between two friends. We took this concept and flipped it on its head, introducing Pete and Bob to test the theory ‘elephants never forget’.

To ensure their personality shines through and the ad stands out on TV we used traditional Claymation animation. It’s a time consuming, meticulous process but it added such charm to the commercial and was a great way to bring our characters to life.

Michael Wright directed the ad which was animated by Darren Thompson and filmed in our own in-house studio. Michael explained “I’ve worked with some challenging actors regarding performance, but in terms of challenges you really can’t beat trying to get a lovable and amusing performance out of two lumps of hard, cold plasticine, in the shape of our two thinkmoney elephants.  But at least if your stars are clay elephants they never storm off set and hide in their trailers. 

Getting the ball rolling, we knew we had some great characters designed, but it was a pleasure to collaborate again with the amazing talents of Darren Thompson, our animator, who really brought charm and humour to the characters over a tricky three week shoot that required the clay models to be hand-sculpted for each frame in the finished film.

This old fashioned bit of craftspersonship, for an up to the minute product like Think Money, adds a lot of warmth and engagement and makes the ad really stand out on TV screens.”

We have a huge roster of talent that covers all types of animation from Claymation like Thinkmoney to 3D and 2D or hand drawn cell animation (like Disney) it’s a great way to add personality to your videos as well as ensuring they stand out. If you’ve got a video brief you think we can add some magic to then just get in touch.

Happy Hour restore order in latest QuickQuid TV campaign

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The latest commercials for QuickQuid’s ‘Order Restored’ campaign are now airing. Created and produced by Happy Hour Productions, the 30 and 10 second spots feature the familiar freeze frame scenario that highlights how a short-term loan from QuickQuid can help cover life’s little emergencies. The first new TV commercial features a setting that will be familiar to many, trying to corral the kids through the weekly shop as disaster strikes at home.

QuickQuid Supermarket stillThis commercial is one of three new creative routes for the ‘Order Restored’ TV campaign, originally launched in 2015. The new ads maintain QuickQuid’s strong brand position and recognisable identity and like with the previous commercials, we wanted this ad to focus on relatable ‘real people’ in realistic and familiar scenarios. It’s important to show that anyone can experience unexpected bumps in the road where short-term financial help is required to restore order.

The supermarket commercial featured a set build and a carefully choreographed freeze frame sequence which involved additional visual FX work as well as clever props (check out the oranges) and in-camera trickery. A Steadicam AR Omega rig was used to seamlessly weave around our actors in our own elaborate version of the mannequin challenge.

The new commercials were directed by Michael Wright and filmed at The Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol.

Take a peek behind the scenes below…


We have been making engaging DRTV commercials that really drive results for over 13 years. You can rely on our award winning team to think outside the box and bring new creative ideas to your brands. So if you’re thinking about TV advertising or video marketing to boost your brand get in touch.

Happy Hour lend a Helping Hand on New Toolstation TV Advertising Campaign

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After a busy few weeks on multiple location shoots we’re pleased to announce that our latest TV commercial campaign for trade retail giants Toolstation began airing today.

The campaign brings a fun twist to the brand’s position as a ‘helping hand’ to the trade by creating a literal helping hand. This floating hand hovers unseen around the jobsite, helping traders and ensuring they have all the support they need from Toolstation to get the job done. The commercial also highlights Toolstation’s huge range of products, online stock availability check and click and collect service.

To create the memorable campaign we commissioned the design of an on-brand yellow and blue workman’s glove to act as the unseen jobsite helper. The process of filming was certainly an unusual one, with the hand model wearing a green full body suit having to duck and dodge around the traders on the set. As Happy Hour’s Lead Designer and Compositor explains:

“The post process on Helping Hand went smoothly due to careful pre-production planning and screen-tests. Multiple prop gloves with different wrist openings were used to ensure the illusion was never broken and the VFX team insisted that Mark (our professional hand artiste) was head to toe in green at all times (we all know Mark a bit too well now). Much of the floating glove was brought to life with many hours of traditional rotoscoping, in fact Toolstation’s Helping Hand would have been very useful with that process!”

The 30 second commercial was filmed over 3 days in a studio in Bristol and it follows our previous Toolstation campaign, The Trade Pros.  

The commercial will air from 1st February on major UK TV channels as part of a national campaign.

Happy Hour have been making DRTV and brand TV commercials for over 13 years and our award winning team love coming up with creative ways to bring brands to new audiences. If you are thinking about advertising on TV or would like some information on how video marketing can help your brand do get in touch.

Introducing Oodles of Poodles to our Animal Friends family

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Happy Hour’s latest stop-motion animated commercial for Animal Friends Insurance went live over the festive period, and this new ad focuses on some of Girlie and Cracker’s other animal friends which we first introduced in the Race ad.


The commercial, which started airing on Boxing Day, features a fast paced poem introducing several new characters to the Animal Friends family. These characters will be recognisable to viewers of the previous ad campaign but this is the first time we’ve heard them speak. Animal Friends wanted to expand on the humorous personalities we had built for Cracker and Girlie and give these new characters a distinctive voice too. Combined with the bright colours and a light-hearted tone this charming campaign is certainly memorable!

Created to boost brand awareness and drive viewers to obtain their own pet insurance quotes, this campaign conveys that Animal Friends are, like their customers, ‘pet lovers’ so they understand the importance of protecting your 4 legged friends. On top of being a provider that offers only pet insurance a key factor that helps them stand out in a competitive market is their charitable giving. Since January 2010 Animal Friends have helped over 360 animal charities worldwide making them the ideal pet insurer for animal lovers.

We always have fun working on the AFI campaigns and we look forward to revisiting these characters in the future.  

This commercial was directed by Gareth Owen. We’re experts in stop-motion animation production, so if you’re looking for TV commercials as distinctive and memorable as AFI’s, we’d love to hear from you. Call us today on 0117 929 9797 or get in touch here.

Merry Christmas from Happy Hour!

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Merry Christmas from Happy Hour! Well it’s certainly been a busy 2016 here at Happy Hour. From fake snowmen to feature films, stuffed toys to stop-motion animation we’ve done it all. We’ve worked with long-term clients and welcomed brand new ones too. We’ve launched the first ever commercial campaigns for brands new to TV advertising, and we’ve even picked up a few awards along the way!

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of this year’s work…

This is just some of the work we’ve completed this year, have a flick through the blog to see behind the scenes on some of the productions and find out what else we’ve been up to.

Remember, if you like what you see and would like to find out more about how our animation and video production services can help boost your brand do get in touch.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happy Hour launch Patient Protection’s first TV advertising campaign

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This autumn some of the Happy Hour team headed to a beautiful country house in Abbots Leigh to shoot the first TV advertising campaign for Patient Protection.

Patient Protection are a law firm dedicated to handling claims for people who have been subject to medical negligence. The quick turnaround TV advertising campaign aimed to launch the company to a new audience and introduce their caring, compassionate, customer-centric approach to aiding customers make successful claims. They aim to ensure all their customers have a positive experience with them.

The commercial focused on the patients to show that Patient Protection really puts them first. While we never see the face of the Patient Protection character they are always there supporting and aiding the patient.

We were lucky enough to only need one filming location and thanks to being able to film in every downstairs room of the house we got a great variety of looks from one home.

This commercial was directed by Matt Harris-Freeth and the DOP was Sarah Edwards who helped us capture the soothing warm visuals of the ad. Matt had this to say about the experience, “‘With You All The Way’ is about the support customers receive from Patient Protection. It was important that the ad had an overriding sense of hope and caring and that the brand identity was clear and confident.

By seeing scenes of patients at different stages after a medical mistake and the patient protection character always there to offer support, we were able to show a journey of how people’s lives are able to be made positive again. This was brought to life by strong, believable performances from our actors.

The brand colours were threaded into the ad through the patient protection character’s costume and it was important to me that this was just the right balance and that it didn’t draw the attention away from the patient characters as they are the main focus. 

It was a really enjoyable experience and a pleasure working together with such a professional and talented team.”

Happy Hour have been making DRTV and brand TV commercials for over 13 years and our award winning team love coming up with creative ways to bring brands to new audiences and tell their stories. If you are thinking about advertising on TV or would like some information on how video marketing can help your brand do get in touch.

behind the scenes on the patient protection TV advertising campaign shoot behind the scenes on the patient protection TV advertising campaign shoot

Happy Hour release new advert for Age Partnership

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Happy Hour are pleased to launch our latest Direct Response TV advertising campaign, our first for Age Partnership, the equity release specialists.  

The advert, which began airing on UK TV at the middle of June, showcases Age Partnership’s equity release services for homeowners aged over 55. Age Partnership wanted to emulate the success of their existing campaigns but build upon the visual treatment and messaging to create a more engaging advert. They commissioned Happy Hour to help them raise the bar for their communications.

The commercial features a happily retired couple who decide to release the equity in their home to allow them to enjoy their retirement, help their children get onto the property ladder and pay off credit cards and their mortgage. We use a muted, soft toned colour palette to bring a warm, cosy, familial feeling to the advert. These characters should be easily recognisable to many of Age Partnership’s audience. The advert highlights the helpful customer service that Age Partnership provides which includes free quotations and home visits, ensuring they can fully explain the process to interested potential customers.

We filmed it on location in Bristol and had a great time using a drone to get the overhead shot for the opening.

  • Happy Hour produced 2 x 60 second ads and 4 x 40 second versions
  • Directed by Jason Edwards and edited by Mark Marlow, the DOP was Mark Stubbs and the producer was Jake Gorton

Age Partnership are award winning providers of retirement income services who have been helping people fund their retirement for over 10 years.

Our expertise in DRTV commercials production and Brand Response TV, allows us to connect your brand with new potential customers. To find out more, or to discuss your project with the Happy Hour team, call us today on 0117 929 9797 or feel free to get in touch by email.

Why retailers love DRTV advertising

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Why retailers love DRTV advertising

DRTV or Direct Response TV Advertising is any TV advertisement that encourages a response from the viewer, usually in the form of calling a number or visiting a website. The purpose of these adverts is to elicit an immediate response to purchase a product or find out more information. While a lot of advertisers are shifting their attention to online marketing campaigns the figures show that TV advertising is still one of the strongest channels. Here we look at why retailers love DRTV advertising.

It gets your brand in front of the consumer

Despite the rise of streaming services, people still love TV and watch it throughout the day. Having a DRTV advertising campaign that’s repeated in a particular timeslot guarantees that your brand will be seen by an audience. Based on channel viewing data and demographics you will be able to find the slot that most fits your target audience, increasing the likelihood of converting your viewers into consumers.

It’s measurable

When implementing a DRTV advertising campaign you are able to measure the response to see if the campaign is a success. You can track sales via phone calls and web orders and attribute them to the campaign based on their timings and where they originate from. If you use specific landing pages and phone numbers in your campaign then you can be sure all responses to those channels can be attributed to your DRTV advertising campaign. This will allow you to work out the £ in sales you generate per £ spent in advertising, a great benchmark for planning future DRTV campaigns.

It integrates well

DRTV campaigns tie in perfectly with other elements of your marketing mix. You can use the same video on your website or at the point of sale if you have a store. As it’s a great way to show the benefits and uses of your product and answer questions it becomes an invaluable video to use on your website and social channels to ensure potential customers fully understand the product. If you have a recognisable DRTV campaign then you can reflect its message and imagery with short social media videos or images, great for showing a less serious side to your company or for tying in with holidays and occasions.

It’s good value

A 30 second spot during the daytime which is primarily when DRTV adverts air is much cheaper than a primetime evening slot, and even if you go for a primetime spot the demographic targeting and instant response your advert will generate mean DRTV can be a very cost-efficient form of advertising.

It boosts your brand

Whilst the purpose of your DRTV advertising campaign may be to showcase a particular product or service, you are still getting your name out there and increasing brand awareness. A well-executed and branded DRTV advert will ensure people remember you name, and if tied in with other marketing channels it can really give you a boost.

Happy Hour are experts in DRTV advertising and have been making campaigns for over a decade, if you would like to talk about how TV or DRTV advertising could help your brand please do get in touch.



Mother knows best in latest SunLife DRTV campaign

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Happy Hour are pleased to showcase our latest DRTV commercial campaign for SunLife, ‘Dad and Daughter’ which is now airing.

This campaign is a continuation of our previous ‘Mother and Daughter’ commercial. Both advertise SunLife’s Guaranteed Over 50 Plan and feature the same cast of characters.

Directed by Jason Edwards this live-action commercial, which started airing on TV in March, picks up right where the last one left off. We feel as if we’ve just left the daughter’s conversation with her mum in the kitchen and are now witnessing her conversation with her dad. Thanks to her previous conversation she is able to share with her dad all the benefits of the Over 50 Plan that Mum has taken out, persuading him to follow suit.

The cosy, familial tone of the advert was perfect for representing a difficult but necessary conversation many families need to have. It also conveyed a lot of important information about the plan; it’s quick and easy to apply for, it’s the UKs most popular and, of course, you’ll receive the all-important free pen!

All production and post-production was completed by Happy Hour, we love the homely, intimate feel of this advert and look forward to working with SunLife again in the future.

SunLife is one of the UKs most well-known insurance providers, their products include over 50s life insurance, funeral plans, life insurance, ISAs and will writing service. They’re also part of AXA one of the biggest insurance companies in the world.

Our expertise in DRTV commercials production allows us to connect your brand with new potential customers. To find out more, or to discuss your project with the Happy Hour team, call us today on 0117 929 9797 or feel free to get in touch by email.