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5 reasons why you should plan a radio advertising campaign

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Radio, many people wake up to it, commute with it and have it running in the background throughout their day. In fact radio accounts for 21% of adult daily media consumption. Is it time your brand thought about embarking on a radio advertising campaign? Here are just 5 reasons why you should consider using radio to tell your story.

Radio Adverts

1. People listen to radio adverts

Unlike TV viewers, most radio listeners don’t channel surf during the adverts – meaning your radio adverts have a good chance of being heard. This receptive audience listen to a variety of adverts repeated throughout the day, so it is essential you create a radio advert that stands out from the crowd.

2. Radio revenue is increasing

Radio revenues increased by 5% from 2017 to 2018. and are forecast to increase again this year, showing us that despite the rise of social media marketing, radio is still an important channel for brands to utilise.

3. It can turn your brand into a household name

Radio ads are designed to be catchy and we are all familiar with jingles that have got stuck in our heads. Giving your brand a voice is a great way to directly speak to your audience and increase your reach. If you can craft an engaging radio advert that accompanies listeners throughout their day, then you stand a good chance of getting your brand talked about.

4. You can target your perfect audience

RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research) is responsible for collecting data on radio listeners including demographics. This means you will have reliable up to date information on exactly who is listening to each station and the kind of listening figures you can expect for your advertising slot. If you do your research, as well as crafting a radio advert that appeals and speaks to your target audience, then you should see growth in engagement from your key demographics.

5. It can be quicker and cheaper to produce than a TV advert

The turnaround time for producing a radio advert can be considerably shorter than for producing a TV advert, this is because less resources are needed and things like locations do not have to be taken into account. This all contributes to radio advertising generally also being cheaper than TV advertising, bear in mind you have to pay for the airtime from the station though, which will vary in price dependant on the time slot.

Could your brand use some radio exposure? Get in touch for more info and a quote.

Happy Hour co-produces Hollywood film Madness In The Method

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At Happy Hour, we are excited to announce that our latest feature film coproduction, Madness In The Method has secured its European premiere at annual gore-athon, FrightFest, after theatrical release in North America.

The film is set in LA and stars Jason Mewes (Clerks) who plays a fictitious version of himself, in what is also his directorial debut. It features a host of well-known talent including his Jay and Silent Bob co-star Kevin Smith, Vinnie Jones, Danny Trejo, Gina Carano, Blake Harrison (Inbetweeners), Brian O’Halloran, along with Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain, plus Marvel icon Stan Lee appears in his final on-screen performance.

Madness In The MethodMewes’ alternative persona is tired of Hollywood’s perception of him and embarks on a quest to reinvent himself as a serious actor. Upon advice from his best friend Smith, he tracks down a secret book outlining all the mysteries of method acting which leads to disastrous consequences and a slow descent into madness.

Tom George, Happy Hour founder, was delighted to be a coproducer on this project, he said “We are thrilled to be working with Jason Mewes and the LA based producers from Autumnwood to produce this witty, refreshing comedy. I can’t wait to see audiences’ reactions to what I’m sure will become a firm favourite.”

“Bristol is such a great base and I’m proud that we can work with international producers to represent our city and showcase it as an amazing creative hub. Locally, production is a major contributor to Bristol’s creative industries which continue to grow and add to our city’s economy and character.”

Madness In The Method 2LA based producer Rob Weston said “Partnering with Happy Hour on Madness In The Method was a great benefit for the film. Their post-production facilities and creativity are second to none and their customer service, as well as attention to detail and their support as coproducers, was simply outstanding.”

We are an award-winning above-the-line creative production agency, as well as being a feature film production company and post-production facility. We regularly collaborate on commercially viable feature films for the international marketplace. Happy Hour is a frequent participant at major film markets and enjoys good relationships with many UK distributors and international sales agents. Alongside Happy Hour, Red Rock Entertainment in the UK also served as Exec Producers on Madness In The Method.

FrightFest will be held in London from Thursday 22 August to Monday 26 August. Madness In The Method will premiere on Saturday 24 August. To book tickets and for more information, visit their website

Get the most out of YouTube with our top-tips

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Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? (We’re sure we don’t need to remind you of the top-dog). The massive platform is key for businesses of all sizes to utilise with its phenomenal reach that only continues to grow. We wanted to share our top-tips for creating YouTube friendly content and the best ways to make sure your video gets seen.

Get the most out of YouTube with our top-tips

Quality control

People now expect a certain level of quality in all online video content. With high-spec cameras much more readily available and with more people than ever creating high quality visual media, you should make sure your video is up to scratch or it will stand out for all the wrong reasons. If all you have is a phone, that’s ok but we would recommend investing in a mini tripod for it. These are super cheap and make such a huge difference. If your video features an interviewee, then it could also be worth investing in an external mic or a pop filter for your phone – this helps tone down background noise.


Keep it short! People’s attention spans, especially online, are notoriously short so make sure to keep it snappy. Tell your story succinctly and cleverly. Try not to make it too ‘salesy’ as people are savvy to this and it can seem a bit too obvious. Make sure your viewer is gaining something from watching your video, whether that be knowledge or a chuckle.

Judge a book by its cover

Titles and thumbnails are key, these are the first things any user will see, and they need to be informative (no space for ambiguity here) and compelling. Keep titles short but make sure to include keywords. Also, be sure to size your thumbnail correctly for YouTube and sneak in any branding if you can.


Meta tags are short pieces of text that describe the content of a web page, or in this case video. The tags tell search engines what your video is and as such they are really important to help your video get those views. YouTube also uses these tags to work out which videos are like yours; it can then suggest your video to people watching similar content. If you need some meta tag inspiration, you can see any web pages’ meta tags by right clicking on a page and clicking view page source – you just have to wade through some html.

Make it shareable  

People may come across your video organically, but it will increase you chances of getting it seen if it is social shareable. Think about what people like to share; ‘I didn’t know that’ moments, personal engaging stories, funny content and animals. If there’s a way you can get a dog into you video, we strongly recommend you do (or cat – we’re not bias).

YouTube Advertising

For decades, TV ads have been the most effective form of media advertising and still reign supreme, however if you have a smaller budget and really want to track the detail of ROI, then YouTube ads could be a good way to go. Also, as YouTube is partnered with Google, content can often be duplicated there and help with your SEO. YouTube ads work best as a way to raise brand awareness as your audience will likely be upper-funnel; meaning messaging reaches users before they are aware of your brand, product, or service. This kind of promotion will put you in the minds of customers so you will emerge as their top choice when they do need the service or product you provide.

If you’d like some help with YouTube content or YouTube ads please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re nerds for this type of thing and would love to talk shop with you.

Happy Hour rises up the agency rankings year after year

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Campaign top 100_2019

We are chuffed to bits to announce that once again we’ve risen up the rankings of Campaign’s Top 100 Advertising Agencies in the UK and now…

We’re ranked #33!

One of only a handful of agencies to move up the rankings, we’re up from #39 last year and #48 the year before, and we couldn’t be happier to be listed in the top 40.

We’re so proud to say that this also places us #2 on the list of agencies outside London. This is a great testament to the size of media campaigns our creative features in.

As a boutique size agency in heart of Bristol, it’s an honour to be included on this list alongside some of the top names in the industry and to be recognised by Campaign, the leading press title in the UK Advertising sector.

Of course we’d love the opportunity to put our skills and experience to work by helping new clients. So if you’re after some creative video for TV or online, just get in touch.