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Happy Hour release new advert for Age Partnership

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Happy Hour are pleased to launch our latest Direct Response TV advertising campaign, our first for Age Partnership, the equity release specialists.  

The advert, which began airing on UK TV at the middle of June, showcases Age Partnership’s equity release services for homeowners aged over 55. Age Partnership wanted to emulate the success of their existing campaigns but build upon the visual treatment and messaging to create a more engaging advert. They commissioned Happy Hour to help them raise the bar for their communications.

The commercial features a happily retired couple who decide to release the equity in their home to allow them to enjoy their retirement, help their children get onto the property ladder and pay off credit cards and their mortgage. We use a muted, soft toned colour palette to bring a warm, cosy, familial feeling to the advert. These characters should be easily recognisable to many of Age Partnership’s audience. The advert highlights the helpful customer service that Age Partnership provides which includes free quotations and home visits, ensuring they can fully explain the process to interested potential customers.

We filmed it on location in Bristol and had a great time using a drone to get the overhead shot for the opening.

  • Happy Hour produced 2 x 60 second ads and 4 x 40 second versions
  • Directed by Jason Edwards and edited by Mark Marlow, the DOP was Mark Stubbs and the producer was Jake Gorton

Age Partnership are award winning providers of retirement income services who have been helping people fund their retirement for over 10 years.

Our expertise in DRTV commercials production and Brand Response TV, allows us to connect your brand with new potential customers. To find out more, or to discuss your project with the Happy Hour team, call us today on 0117 929 9797 or feel free to get in touch by email.

Why website video content works

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Why website video content works

By 2017 video will account for 69% of internet traffic, according to Cisco, is it time your brand though about introducing video content to their website? We all know that video is one of the most popular forms of content, but many are put off by the perceived time and financial commitments involved in creating it. With it becoming so dominant in digital marketing here are just a few ways you can benefit from video content on your site:

Reduce bounce rates

Video draws the eye and attracts the click, having a video on your homepage or a high traffic landing page increases the likelihood that the viewer will stay on that page and then continue to click through your website. Video can also give your viewer the information they need quickly and in an engaging way, saving them time searching for answers and meaning they’re more likely to stay on your site rather than click back to the search results. Answering their questions builds their trust in you and positions your site as an authority within the sector.

Encourage social sharing

If link building and social shares are a key part of your SEO strategy then video is a great way to achieve this. Video content is inherently shareable, however, because there’s so much out there your video needs to be exceptional to stand out from the crowd. Offer your viewer something different to educate, entertain, shock, amaze or amuse them. If you can provoke a reaction from them then they will want to share it (and that reaction) with others, resulting in nice links to your site from a variety of social channels and even blogs.

Convert viewers into consumers

The purpose of any content on your website is to attract visitors, then provided you have optimised your website for the user, the video can start them on a journey through the site leading them to convert. This is where product videos or videos explaining your services can really benefit you. Viewers are more likely to convert if they feel they fully understand the product or service, and video is a great way to do this. Whether by demonstrating products, answering common questions or discussing the history and need for your product or service.

If used on your landing page video is a great way to quickly explain who you are and what you do. When you only have seconds to impress a viewer video is a great way to keep them on your site.

Launch a new product or re-brand

A well-branded video is a great way to re-brand or launch a new product or service. Especially if paired with other marketing efforts including new website design, social media and email campaigns. The latter two can even feature clips or GIFs from the video.

So how do I create video content?

Who is it for?

First you need to decide who your audience is, many companies have multiple audiences from a wide range of demographics. Narrow down the scope to focus on just one, think about who they are, what information they are likely to look for on your website, what questions do they need answering, what’s the best way to communicate with them and what type of video would they respond to? Answering these questions will give you a good idea of the type of content you need to include in your video and the best way to present it, i.e. animation or interview.

What should it show?

Next you need to think about the creative aspect of the video. What are you going to show? Will it be a general introduction to who you are and what you do, a company history for the ‘About Us’ page, perhaps a product video to explain how a new or popular product or service works or even a Q and A answering your FAQs? If you have decided what audience you are targeting and you know what they are looking for when they come to your site then you should be able to identify which type of video would be most helpful to them.

Who should make it?

Do you create the video in-house or call in the experts? Does someone in your team have filmmaking experience? If you are confident filming and editing then you might want to create the video in house. However, if you don’t have the relevant experience or just want to ensure the video created is of the highest quality, without a big time investment from your end then you may want to get a production company to produce the film for you. If that’s the case you will discuss your brief with them, agree a creative direction, budget and timescale. This option is often best if you have a short turnaround time and you need the video to tie in with a product launch or new web design going live imminently.

As you can see using video content on your website brings a multitude of benefits to both your brand and your viewer why not harness the power of video to give your website a boost?

At Happy Hour we create a variety of films for our clients, whether you are looking for a TV advertising campaign, corporate film or a video to go to your website we can help. With over 10 years’ experience we can help you create a video that converts viewers into consumers, get in touch to find out more.

Why retailers love DRTV advertising

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Why retailers love DRTV advertising

DRTV or Direct Response TV Advertising is any TV advertisement that encourages a response from the viewer, usually in the form of calling a number or visiting a website. The purpose of these adverts is to elicit an immediate response to purchase a product or find out more information. While a lot of advertisers are shifting their attention to online marketing campaigns the figures show that TV advertising is still one of the strongest channels. Here we look at why retailers love DRTV advertising.

It gets your brand in front of the consumer

Despite the rise of streaming services, people still love TV and watch it throughout the day. Having a DRTV advertising campaign that’s repeated in a particular timeslot guarantees that your brand will be seen by an audience. Based on channel viewing data and demographics you will be able to find the slot that most fits your target audience, increasing the likelihood of converting your viewers into consumers.

It’s measurable

When implementing a DRTV advertising campaign you are able to measure the response to see if the campaign is a success. You can track sales via phone calls and web orders and attribute them to the campaign based on their timings and where they originate from. If you use specific landing pages and phone numbers in your campaign then you can be sure all responses to those channels can be attributed to your DRTV advertising campaign. This will allow you to work out the £ in sales you generate per £ spent in advertising, a great benchmark for planning future DRTV campaigns.

It integrates well

DRTV campaigns tie in perfectly with other elements of your marketing mix. You can use the same video on your website or at the point of sale if you have a store. As it’s a great way to show the benefits and uses of your product and answer questions it becomes an invaluable video to use on your website and social channels to ensure potential customers fully understand the product. If you have a recognisable DRTV campaign then you can reflect its message and imagery with short social media videos or images, great for showing a less serious side to your company or for tying in with holidays and occasions.

It’s good value

A 30 second spot during the daytime which is primarily when DRTV adverts air is much cheaper than a primetime evening slot, and even if you go for a primetime spot the demographic targeting and instant response your advert will generate mean DRTV can be a very cost-efficient form of advertising.

It boosts your brand

Whilst the purpose of your DRTV advertising campaign may be to showcase a particular product or service, you are still getting your name out there and increasing brand awareness. A well-executed and branded DRTV advert will ensure people remember you name, and if tied in with other marketing channels it can really give you a boost.

Happy Hour are experts in DRTV advertising and have been making campaigns for over a decade, if you would like to talk about how TV or DRTV advertising could help your brand please do get in touch.



Kicking Off wins big at Oxford International Film Festival

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Happy Hour are thrilled to announce the latest award win for our recent feature film Kicking Off. Last week it scooped up two prizes at the Oxford International Film Festival winning both the Best Production and Best UK Film award.

We are honoured to have been nominated alongside some fantastic productions, the full list of nominees and winners can be found here.

Oxford International Film Festival Poster Kicking Off

This marks the second time Kicking Off has been recognised by a film festival, with it winning Best British Feature Film at Raindance last year.

If you still haven’t seen it yet it’s available to rent or buy on iTunes and in major UK supermarkets, it’s also available on most Video on Demand services.