Year: 2015

SunLife reveals how much children currently receive from the Tooth Fairy! You’d be surprised…

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Happy Hour has recently completed an animation aimed primarily at mums, to be shared via social media, revealing how much the Tooth Fairy leaves in households across the UK!

SunLife undertook an online survey among 4,000 UK householders exploring the pattern of household spending and saving and the potential correlation between this and their personal and financial wellbeing. They discovered a wealth of information with some of the findings forming the basis of content of the Tooth Fairy video.

The video was produced by Happy Hour’s talented animation team and took a very light-hearted look at how much the Tooth Fairy leaves for children across the UK. Polaroid photos in scrapbook style were used (along with a specially illustrated Tooth Fairy) to tell interesting findings from the research and, at the same time, spark debate amongst mums about how much they leave for those pearly whites.

 Tooth Fairy pic

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New SunLife “Public Info” and “Good Advice” commercials now on air

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Happy Hour have recently completed two new DRTV commercials to promote SunLife’s Guaranteed Over 50 Plan.

“Public Info” does what it says on the tin – it’s a straight talking ad, aimed at explaining the benefits of SunLife’s life cover (currently the no: 1 on the market).  Featuring straight-to-camera delivery, the creative feel gives a nod to public information films and aims to give the facts about the policy in a clear and simple way, and ultimately direct responses to the SunLife website and freephone number.

“Good Advice” takes a different approach by showing the emotional side of planning for the future in later years. Featuring well known faces including Heather Kemble (one of the new ‘Nanas’ from the Shreddies ads), it explains the policy’s benefits through an informal conversation between mother and daughter, and how it can therefore benefit loved ones after their death.

Both commercials are currently on air now and you can watch them below.

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New Toolstation campaign goes live

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Happy Hour have recently completed the latest ad for their Toolstation campaign, highlighting the main benefits of convenience and reliability – and ultimately that a visit to Toolstation is never a wasted trip.

The brief was twofold; firstly to create a fresh and innovative brand concept to continue to raise brand awareness of Toolstation with its existing customers (tradespeople) while driving awareness to DIY’ers (enthusiasts and deal seekers), and secondly to deliver Toolstation’s usps in a more tactical and direct manner. The executions will run across both TV and Online media.

“The Trade Pros” is a tongue-in-cheek execution featuring two tradesmen visiting a Toolstation branch to pick up supplies. “Dave” is an everyday tradesman showing his fellow tradesmen how easy it is to pick up supplies on his way to a job: (Watch the videos below).

Happy Hour have also produced Radio as part of the campaign, which is currently running nationally.

Toolstation is one of Britain’s fastest growing suppliers of tools, accessories and building supplies to the trade, home improvers and self builders and currently has over 200 branches nationwide.

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Happy Hour creates new TV Ad “Judging Panel” for

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Happy Hour Productions has won a two-way pitch to produce the latest TV commercial to promote and their exclusive rate for the Aqua Classic Card. The 30” animation (which you can check out below) drives traffic to the website and builds awareness of the credit card, which currently has the lowest APR on the market for people with a poor credit rating.

The brief included devising and producing a creative concept that was engaging and memorable, yet firmly DRTV. Happy Hour delivered this by bringing the credit card’s features and benefits to life through the theme of a well-known talent show set up, with a series of animated credit cards being showcased on their merits. This also fulfilled the brief by driving home the brand name verbally and visually. is a comparison website where customers can check their eligibility (without affecting their credit rating) before applying for credit cards, loans and mortgages.

The campaign will run on national and digital channels from October.

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New Happy Hour Campaign “Order Restored” for QuickQuid

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Happy Hour Productions has again been working with QuickQuid, on a series of ads to help demonstrate that their payday loans can come as a real help in times of unexpected trouble – hence the central theme throughout of “Order Restored”.

A key part of the brief was the importance of showing “real people” in a series of realistic scenarios demonstrating how anyone could find themselves in a situation where short term financial help might be needed, in order to assist life to continue as normal.

All 4 ads were directed by Mark Lawrie and involved carefully choreographed “freeze-frame” scenes with detailed visual FX work and bespoke props as well as Steadicam shots in order to achieve a seamless camera move around the subjects.

In total, Happy Hour has created 4 x 30” ads, all with corresponding 10” spots. The ads are running now as part of a national campaign, supported by radio. 

QuickQuid have maintained their high frequency media buying strategy for this campaign to deliver as much cut-through, standout and longevity as the hugely successful “Innovations Lab” campaign that’s been running for the last two years.

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KICKING OFF Happy Hour’s latest feature film, wins Best British Film at Raindance.

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Happy Hour are proud to announce our latest award acquisition, for feature film production KICKING OFF. The world premiere took place last week, Wednesday 30 September, in London as part of the Raindance International Film Festival (you can see the trailer here). 

Kicking Off follows loyal football supporters Wigsy and Cliff as they embark on a frenzied journey to change the referee’s decision who disallows their team’s goal, which ultimately leads to their team going down. The film features British actors Warren Brown (Luther, By Any Means), Alistair Petrie (Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa) and Greg McHugh (Fresh Meat, Gary the Tank Commander). The film also features some famous faces in its supporting cast including football icon Sir Geoff Hurst.

KICKING OFF will be released across the UK in Q2 2016.

As well as being a leading provider of TV commercial’s production, Happy Hour has been developing and producing feature film projects over the last 7 years.

Happy Hour also works in a coproduction capacity, including providing post production services on feature films. Post Production facilities include full sound and picture post production, 5.1 surround sound studios and DiVinci 4k grading. This is further supported by our in-house VFX and animation studio, providing seamless compositing of any visual fx.

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Happy Hour Help SunLife Launch New Family Life Insurance

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The team here at Happy Hour have put the finishing touches to our latest commercial for SunLife, featuring a talented group of young actors and actresses with numerous children from the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School.

The ad is promoting the launch of SunLife’s new Family Life Insurance plan aimed at 18-59 year olds. This is part of SunLife’s shift to provide cover for younger people as well as their traditional over 50s customers. The new commercial forms part of an ongoing campaign introducing potential customers to SunLife’s new, simpler branding and their focus on a wider section of the market.

The commercial (which you can check out below) features four of the young cast talking about the importance of protecting “what really matters” – your family. With some help from a fully grown actress, they highlight how “straightforward and affordable” or “straightfordable” the Family Life Insurance plan is as well as the many other benefits.

The commercial by award-winning director Mark Lawrie features the actors and actresses talking straight to camera from a yellow sofa in a blue studio. This reflects the simple, direct image of SunLife as well as their familiar blue and yellow branding. The young stars give some great performances, adding a memorable human touch to the advert.

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SunLife – Child’s Play 60s from Happy Hour Productions on Vimeo.

SunLife sponsors Big Star’s Little Star

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We’ve produced a series of idents for SunLife’s new sponsorship deal with top ITV show Big Star’s Little Star.

Big Star’s Little Star revolves around celebrities and their young children or grandchildren answering questions to win money for charity. The idents mimic this format, pairing a parent with a child who offers embarrassing answers to questions about the parent.

This sponsorship deal is perfect for SunLife with Big Star’s Little Star being the ideal fit for the family brand. The emphasis in the idents is on younger families, which reflects SunLife’s recent move to focus more on this section of the market. The timing coincides with the launch of several new products aimed at younger people, such as ISAs and life insurance for 18-59 year olds.

The full series of idents, directed by Jason Edwards, include a 15 second intro, four 10 second centre break bumpers and a 5 second outro, all reflecting SunLife’s new simpler branding. The idents are running from the 4th March 2015 for six weeks and have already received good press coverage, including in Campaign, Brand Republic and Marketing Week. Take a look at two of the idents below or check out the full series on our Vimeo channel.

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Happy Hour Produce Commercial for Toyota’s Approved Used Cars Brand

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In our latest commercial, the team here at Happy Hour have been helping Toyota promote their Approved Used cars and their nationwide series of National Used Car Events.

The events are being held from 11th-19th April 2015 at several Toyota dealerships across the country and showcase the great range and quality of second-hand cars available through the Approved Used Toyota scheme – the concept shows Toyota’s used cars being ‘Box Fresh’.

We worked in partnership on the commercial with Prophecy Unlimited, who look after Toyota’s dealership marketing. This was a project with a very quick turnaround, making use of our expertise in both live action filming and 3D animation production.

The ad, directed by Jason Edwards, features examples of the AYGO, Yaris and Auris models included in the scheme undergoing a series of checks and services to make sure they meet the ‘Box Fresh’ standard. To reinforce the concept, one of the cars is then driven onto a large grid, which (through the magic of CGI) folds up around the car to form a giant box.

Watch the ad below:

Toyota Box Fresh 30″ – Lancaster Chelmsford from Happy Hour Productions on Vimeo.

We created 8 regional variations of the commercial, which will be used as part of a Sky Adsmart campaign. This will deliver the relevant advert to Sky subscribers in the target region for each event. The commercial will be supported by a national radio campaign, also produced by Happy Hour.

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Happy Hour creates ad for leading diet delivery plan

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Happy Hour Productions has recently helped diet specialists Jane Plan create their exciting new advert, to be shown across UK TV and online media channels.

Released at the start of the year, the advert showcases some of the delicious meal options that are available on the Jane Plan diet and introduces viewers to its founder, Jane Michell. Produced in a local studio with a small crew, the 40 second commercial delivers the perfect snapshot of what customers can expect when using Jane Plan.

Directed by Michael Wright, the DRTV commercial explains why the Jane Plan diet is so successful; it shows the fresh ingredients used to create the tasty calorie-controlled meals and the variety of meals that allow customers to take full control of how they lose weight. And we see happy Jane Plan customers showing how much weight they’ve lost whilst following the Jane Plan diet.

Starting out as a small home-based company, Jane Plan has grown to become one of the leading providers of direct-to-your-door diet plans in the UK.

After a long career working for the BBC, Jane discovered an interest in food and health which soon developed into the creation of Jane Plan in 2010. Over the years, Jane Plan has grown into a successful Good Housekeeping award winning diet plan that aims to help customers develop a better understanding of nutrition during their weight loss journey.

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Jane Plan Success from Happy Hour Productions on Vimeo.