Month: October 2013

Happy Hour Productions helps launch QuickQuid FlexCredit

Posted in: DRTV

QuickQuid has launched QuickQuid FlexCredit, a new financial product designed to offer customers a more flexible approach to borrowing.  QuickQuid FlexCredit provides customers with a personalised credit limit, with a flexible repayment schedule.

The Happy Hour creative team has worked with QuickQuid to develop new advertising and messaging, such as TV and Radio. Later this month you’ll see the new QuickQuid FlexCredit TV ad, set in the QuickQuid Innovations Lab, where the team provides a solution for customers’ needs for more flexibility. 

The product was developed as a result of company-commissioned research, which revealed that flexible, customised payments  were highly valued by customers. Overwhelmingly, research responders stated that being able to choose their loan amount and repayment timescales were important characteristics to a short-term loan product.

Watch out for the new TV ad to learn more about QuickQuid FlexCredit.

Happy Hour creates Dave Gorman’s “Modern Life Is Goodish” Animation Title Sequence

Posted in: Animation

Happy Hour Productions has created an animated title sequence for the new Dave Gorman TV series “Modern Life Is Goodish”.

The six part series starts on 17th September 2013, at 10pm Tuesday on DAVE. The series feature stand up comedy from Dave Gorman, and is “broadly about the misinformation and nonsense we have to wade through daily in this technologically advanced, wonderful – yet flawed – world of ours.”

The brief asked for Happy Hour to create an animated paper cut-out model of Dave walking down a paper road interacting with and avoiding various obstacles along the way – mobile phones, Twitter, spam, CCTV – essentially anything that relates to ‘modern life’.

The process involved Happy Hour fully storyboarding, designing and animating the title sequence, which was created in CGI and animated as one shot – from Paper Dave peeling himself out of a paper laptop, to Paper Dave walking through the theatre door at the end of the sequence.

Dave Gorman is an author, stand up comedian and television presenter. He is best known for his previous TV series  Are You Dave Gorman?, Dave Gorman’s Important Astrology Experiment, and Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure.

Happy Hour’s animation team included Chris Rabet (build / key animation); Mikey Ford (lead compositor); Gareth Owen (director).

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