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Motion Graphics

Our motion graphics studio produces everything from fully realised videos, in 2D or 3D animation, to standout sequences within larger videos to help demonstrate or visualise technical components.

Covering everything from explainer videos for the financial services industry, to extrapolating engine components for the aerospace industry, there isn't much our motion graphics designers haven't turned their hand to.

Motion graphics can be used to enhance live action productions, or to create fully animated sequences and presentations.

Visual FX

Our in-house studio also services Visual FX for feature films, commercials, idents, and video productions.

From designing and creating fully realised visual fx sequences to augmenting practical effects, adding explosions and muzzle flashes, or compositing in a replacement sky, to touching up scenes - such as cleaning up a building exterior or update logo signage with new branding - visual fx play a part in almost every production.

We've applied our VFX experience to a wide mix of purposes, such as:

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