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Brand Videos

Brand videos quickly encapsulate your company ethos with finesse and impact.

Every brand has a personality and a story to tell and a brand video is the best way of getting that message across. By stripping away all the in-depth details, benefits and figures and instead focusing on the spirit of your company, a brand video can capture your identity and give your customers a greater affinity with your brand.

There a multitude of uses for brand videos as well as the traditional TV commercial. They can be used on an exhibition stand, as part of a presentation or conference or to welcome people to your business premises when displayed on a TV in your reception. They also make a wonderful introduction to visitors to your website and can even communicate your brand to new staff or freelancers working with the company.

Happy Hour is highly experienced at drawing out your brand's personality in an instantly impactful and memorable video. We also use a range of brand planning tools, should you need help defining your brand's proposition. Give us a call to discuss ideas on 0117 929 9797.